My First Map

Here is my first map any recommendations? This will not be chapter 1 so don’t worry. I have trouble transitioning from one surface to another (grass to sand mainly).

I’d recommend to export a .png file from Tiled and upload it to any image-hosting site. Then share the link here.
I can’t open that tmx file and many people wouldn’t bother to download it, probably.

This looks like hell for non-fliers, assuming it’s a desert map (hell, even if it isn’t desert, it’s still hell for non-fliers). It looks very unnatural with all those straight lines; the walls, the grass-sand borders, even the cliffs in the southwest and bits of the north look off. It’s also huge. Perhaps if you went into some detail about how player and enemy units are set up, that might lead to better feedback.

Well I was gonna remove some of the deep sand and replace with better terrain.

The map is a desert map where the goal is to go in each of the three side buildings and either defeat a boss or hit a switch. In the bottom left section I wanted a winding cliff and I am still getting used to the tiles.

Once all 3 rooms are clear it unlocks the oasis with the main boss by the “temple”.

Flying would be a good strategy and should be in deserts but yes I will remove some of the sand.

The size is 40 by 30 for a later chapter but can change.

Last of all the lines are an issue. Lately I am having trouble finding the right edges that fit together in some of the more complicated tiles like water and sand edges? For example the pieces of grass or sand with circles in the middle.

Here’s a small update…wish I was an artist now or had one.

All of the square structures and straight lines remind me of an FE2 map.


I know…that’s the issue hope my indoor maps are better.

This is my all archer early map. Sorry if it sucks I’m so new to this. Any suggestions to make these maps more natural. I know the shape I want but I cant seem to do terrain. Almost wish I could randomize some terrain and put in my buildings.

In regards to the map, a good question to keep in mind is “Why is this here?”. For instance, the wall makes sense for archers, but what’s with the water and whatever those blue-green tiles are above the water in the southern section? Why are there pillars? Why are there forts in the middle of a castle? Etc. Plan out how you want the combat to look like. Check out this topic and look at BlueDruid’s link to some YT video that makes good suggestions.

Thanks for the link. My reasoning was that they are in a sewer underneath a castle. The forts are for spawning which I think I’ve seen in FE6 or somewhere inside a large castle maybe. Stairs are better though.

Yeah, forts inside a castle don’t really make sense. Remember, a fort is a building; a small one, but still a building. Just not to scale in FE (much like how houses and entire villages can be the same size). If that is supposed to be a sewer, why on earth would there be a throne in the same area? Fighting in sewers? Good. Fighting in the throne room? Good. Throne room right next to sewer? …Not as good.

jeeze that sand map is massive. maybe a tad too big in my opinion, but interesting design potential at the very least.

second ones a bit boring by comparison though, might wanna spice that up a little.

While I haven’t seen the unit layout, I feel like your maps are too big in general. Though I also don’t know their placement in progression.

Think about how long you want the map to take, and how long it takes to move your units around it.

I get what you mean but I just don’t want it taking only 3 turns to cross map. Also this game will be large scale late considering I have playable characters from 7 and 8. I guess its finding a balance any recommended sizes in general for typical small medium large.

Also sewer will be much better with the units as it will be an archer battle with your back against wall for start.

Funny story me and my brother have this Shinon joke going on which inspired this map.

The story:
Shinon is standing at the end of a dark hallway in castle crimea at night up for a glass of water. It is storming and the black knight breaks in a window. Cornered with nothing but a sucky crossbow (such bad items) he shoots the black knight repeatedly. As usual the Black Knight takes no damage at all as he slowly walks towards Shinon. Imagine Shinon yelling “No! Stay back! Stay back!” with thunder and the black knight theme playing in the background.

I think we have too much free time XD.

well the thing ya got remember about desert tiles is that they severely cut move, but it is your choice in the end i suppose.