My FE8 rebalance! (first hack please be kind)

Hi. I’ve been in the community a long long long long long long long LOOOOOONG time (about 6 or 7 months), mostly lurking, but i was finally inspired to make a hack. I didn’t want to start too big, because i was worried that i might get burned out, so that’s why i worked on this rebalance (YES I KNOW REBALANCES ARE “OVERDONE” BUT TRUST ME I THINK I HAVE SOME NATURAL TALENT FROM ALL THE LTCS I’VE WATCHED!!!). It took me about a week to make (Pretty fast, I know), and I pulled from all the various ideas I had, like how FE8 really needed to be tougher and that units should be more unique and I hoped I have achieved what I have hoped to do. You know the thing that always got to me about FE8 was how it was so unfairly balanced and how they didn’t even make like the lord that good which is ANNOYING!!! Like they’re the main character they SHOULD be good. However I have seeked to rectify and believed I have rectified these issues which do so wear out our bones as we play our beloved games. Anyway, seriously thank you for looking at this thread, I know I’m a newbie and don’t know much but I really appreciate the consideration. Give good feedback but don’t be rude, remember ALL PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS! (including me). Anyway, ありがとございます (Yeah I know a bit of Japanese too).

www dropbox com/s/2rn51t2ggzhzayv/myfe8rebalance ups?dl=0
^The patch (replace spaces with full stops or else it won’t work)


if you can put more information about the project itself, i can allow your to post screenshots and links

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Yep. Some screenshots and info about the changes would be good.

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excuse me.



… please space out your post one block of text is not appealing to read

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