Music Question 2

I have a question regarding music, what happens when i want to insert a song that doesnt have a midi file? I have to make it from scratch? If thats the case, what app do you recommend for doing it or there is a tutorial for it?
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This should answer many of your questions:

You could use something like anvil studio. Making a midi is a good amount of work. It is worth noting that you can pretty easily rip any song from almost any gba game directly into your rom. You may have to change the drum track while doing this, but it usually works otherwise. You can do this with febuilder.


Also my last question, anvil studio free i think that has some limitations like “Free version allows you to record and edit a single, stereo or mono, one minute audio track.” how i sort this out if the song spans about 1:20 until loop point? Is there any other free app that I can use or Anvil Studio its the best option?

AFAIK, that’s just for a track that’s pure audio - something like a mic recording. I’ve been using Anvil Studio for a couple years now for free, and I’ve never ran into any issues with several-minute-long MIDIs.

Oh i see, thanks a lot for the insight, now i properly inserted the song that i want in the game, now the problem its to find the better instruments for it ( It will take me a will due to not knowing them so i will play around a bit )
Thanks a lot for the responses :slight_smile:

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If you need any help with messing with the instruments, the second music tutorial has a section dedicated to getting NIMAP’s .sf2 to be playable with Anvil.

Pd: Nevermind, i fix it, the problem was a loop in a bad position

Edit: I learned how to fix a song, the song is called “Suikoden theme from the advancing army” ( the one in the music repository) and in anvil studio you need to move the track from the trumpet ( the melody) to be the first track.