MrGreen Plays Fire Emblem: Queen's Sword


Alright it’s time for my first true LP, the Japanese FE8 hack known as Queen’s Sword. As far as I’m concerned, the English community knows very little about this hack (the picture of the Hack Directory is the one mention I’ve seen of it outside of an attempted 1 part LP of the hack I did on SF that no one seemed to notice). I’ve played 3 JP hacks before: FE7if, Kaitou (in English), and Yggdra, so I have some experience with playing Japanese hacks.

Some Details:

  • It features a custom story (as opposed to most Japanese hacks, which tend to be reskins) that takes place on Elibe, complete with custom maps and mugs
  • This hack has custom music from numerous games, including FE Gaiden, Thracia 776, the Wars series, and Paper Mario.
  • This hack uses FE8N (the Japanese skill system)
  • This game does have a Str/Mag split, but unlike many JP hacks like the Yggdra hack, Res is still a separate stat.
  • It features Capturing, but I don’t remember the requirement to capture outside of being able to carry the unit. I’m going to assume it uses the Yggdra condition, which means the enemy’s HP must be less than half your Str or something like that.

[details=Chapter 1]
Alright, let’s do this.

As one should expect, Easy is disabled.

I’d assume this title card is for the plot arcs (so this is plot arc 1)
That Roy map sprite is weird, sometimes it shows up there, sometimes it doesn’t.

Also weird background on the actual chapter titles.

This thing is a series of questions. The answers actually do have effects on one of your starting units. I just hit the first option on all of them.

Oh hey, an original CG. This is Marsh, and he is one of our main characters.

His portrait style also looks very out of place.

Suddenly we go to this group consisting of Not-Ogier, Not-Zealot/Jerrot/Whatever we call him, and Feminine-Looking Not-Eliwood.

Suddenly Marsh.

An interesting first map, as it’s filled with theives and a Ranger boss. Also, those thieves can all steal from you. Yay.

Marsh’s class is called Orphan (oof). And he packs Vantage, which is based on its always-active FE5 self. Remember that series of questions? Marsh is the character who is affected by your selections.

Just hitting “Yes” on all the questions gives you a Dark Magic Marsh, and he comes with this stupidly OP personal tome as well. There’s also Anima and Light magic versions of him.

The lord, whose name translates to ‘Ars’, is your standard sword lord, Rapier and all. Although I never took a picture of it, he uses a modded version of Roy’s animation where he slashes the enemy rather than stabs them.

Ninz is our basic Ogma merc, and he packs Nihil (not sure how often it will come in handy). He also has a leadership star.

Gen, our JaGen (get it? hahahah), packs Sol and can heal, although he has a beautiful base Mag of 0. Like Ninz, he has a leadership star.

Our first boss is a Ranger called Shingo. His special sword is called the Nomad Sword, and it’s also poisonous. Time for the map I guess.

I have Marsh attack that one Brigand with the uber spell, and holy wow it’s animation is intense.

Attacking that Brigand at all puts you in range of the boss, which is why I used the uber spell to one shot the Brigand so Marsh could bait Shingo without having to take the Brigand’s attack as well. Regardless, Shingo had a 12% crit chance on Marsh with his Short Bow.

Marsh’s attack leaves Shingo open to Ars’s finishing blow with the Rapier. Not a hard boss, but it is the first map.

Ars also gets his first level off of Shingo. We begin with the HP/Lck level up.

Ninz nabs that thief, and he takes his loot as well.

Next turn Ninz nabs the other thief and loots him as well.

That last thief was the last enemy on the map, and it was a rout map. Also, the near victory theme is Alm’s near-victory theme from the OG Gaiden (the song that later became What Lies at the End)

The gang talks about some stuff and the chapter ends. I know this part wasn’t terribly exciting, but it was the first map so not a lot was going on. Next time, we save some green units.


Well… This should be interesting. Interesting that the Japanese hacking community doesn’t have much in the way of original story hacks. Too bad we can’t understand what’s going on.


The only other JP hack I can think of off the top of my head that’s an original plot and not a reskin is Sword of Heaven and Earth.


that the Japanese hacking community doesn’t have much in the way of original story hacks

The patch which has been developed recently is almost an original story.

The 天地の剣(Sword of heaven and earth), the 怪盗(kaitou), the 女王の剣(Queen’s Sword) is original story.
Also, some patches currently under development are original.

ユグドラ(yugdra) progresses according to the story of FE 8,
but it greatly reinforces the story which is not told in FE 8.

In the past, it was probably because the remodeling methods and tools had not evolved.
The representative remodeling is arranged in order of published chronology, it becomes as follows.

2010 if7if
2012(maybe) FE8 girls
2014(maybe) FE8 midori(green)
2015 天地の剣(Sword of heaven and earth)
2016 怪盗(kaitou) , ユグドラ(yugdra)
2018 女王の剣(Queen’s Sword)


I also write the chronology of the remodeling tool.

2010-2014? Was the age of remodeling with stirling and FE7Edit.
About 2014? ProjectFEGBA appeared and the development environment evolved at a stroke.
In 2017, I made FEBuilderGBA.

stirling is a hex editor that can define structures.
It seems that Westerners do not use it. (Probably because of tool name?)

This is similar to a nightmare2.
However, there is more general versatility.

For ProjectFEGBA (Project_FE_GBA) ,
I explained at FE_Builder_GBA thread, so please search if you are interested.

Chapter 2

Alright it’s time for a more interesting map.

The heroes arrive at bandits. Also I got Ars during his half-blink frame.

Then suddenly Not-Migal harries a bunch of green units.

Also, we get the preparations screen already.

Definitely a much taller map than before, and more enemy variety as well, as well as trainee enemies for some reason.

So we have Ben, who is totally not Migal. He’s a pretty generic Pirate boss, but be wary of his Halberd. Also, he has 10 Res, which is absurd for a Pirate.

Also, we have Dreisen the Armor Knight. He’s pretty par for the course as far as armors go.

Our Cain/Abel duo this time is a pair of Archers. Ashley is the red one (why does Red Raigh in an archer suit have a female name?) and Mid is the green one. Ashley is the strong archer, with a whopping 75% Str growth and a great base, but Skl and Spd suffer heavily. Mid is made out to be the fast one, but he has the same Spd base as Ashley and only has a 40% growth compared to Ashley’s 30%, so he’s not that much faster in exchange for having much less Str. I’ll see how they turn out before deciding (watch as I commit the sin of using 2 archers together)

Finally, we have Mighty the cavalier (which is ironic. His impressive base Str is paired with a 35% growth. But he also has a 75% Spd growth to compensate).
Gen can talk to Dreisen, but Ars has to talk to Ashley to recruit them all.
This group are model green units. I have had to restart twice due to their misadventures.

Gen stabs this mage to deat. He’s quite annoying if you don’t drop him quick.

Ars bum rushes to safely recruit Ashley and the gang as well.

Marsh uses his uber death spell to kill that annoying Poison Sword myrm.

I was too slow to take the pic in the battle screen, but seeing how the myrm is still there, you can guess what happened.

This thief stole Ars’s sword, so Ninz captures him and reclaims it.

And Marsh exacts justice for that 84% miss.

We have the teams regroup to assault the bandits as a whole squad.

We also have an Elfire mage in the second map.

Ashley finishes off Mr. Elfire with his Steel Bow. Bows have low accuracy in this, with Steel having only 60 hit as opposed to 70 in vanilla. With Ashley’s low skill, he can have some issues hitting later on down the line.

We clear out the wood floor section with Dreisen wiping this merc.

As we move on, Mighty finishes off this solder. I don’t have a pic, but they use the FE5 Soldier animations.

Also, Ashley got hit with poison earlier. Since there wasn’t a displayed counter, I was afraid the poison was map-long a la FE5, but the counter just wasn’t displayed. So no worries there I guess.

Bandits destroyed a village that had an Elixir, so I send Gen to rush off to save this village near the starting position.

Ars picks up a nice clean kill on this bandit.

Mid uses his Poison Bow to finish off this bandit.

With that squad dealt with, we prepare for a final assault.

Gen also visits the village. We get a Great Bow, which is basically a Blade Bow that is taken to statistical extremes. It also uses the vanilla Steel Bow icon, which can be confusing.

Although the terrain box kinda obscures it, Gen is ensnared by bandits. Thank God he’s powerful, or else we’d be in a bit of a conundrum.

So Gen prepares his retreat.

The main group uses this chance to move on ahead to meet more bandits.

Reinforcements join the fun. We’ve got lots of axes to deal with, so how do we deal with them?

We throw Ninz at them, of course.

Ninz gets a great level off it.

Ars gets a meh level picking up scraps from the Great Ninz Massacre. At least it had Spd.

So things seem to be slowing down.

Ashley and Mighty get very standard level ups for them.

Marsh gets an OK level too. Then I realized I forgot to take a pic of him hitting Lvl 2, but it was a bleh level iirc.

Dreisen cuts through the ruins to get a pick at those soldiers.

Dreisen gets a great level. Mid… not so much.

Dreisen takes on Ben because tanky sword armor vs axe boss is soooo tough.

Dreisen finishes off Ben and gets another good level off of it.

Ars and Ninz talk about stuff and the map’s over. Next time, rain and bridges.


Do you know if this hack is complete?


It is not. I think the version I have is a little outdated, but the download isn’t up rn. The newest version goes up to like Chapter 16 or so, but my version has Chapter 13 complete with 14 mostly complete. As far as I know, there is no route split.


This hack is still under development.


The download link of the latest version has been deleted by the author.

I think that the author wants feedback such as reporting a bug.
If you find a bug, please report it.

However, he does not seem to want a review yet.
I personally think so.
Because this hack is still under development.
For details, please ask the author.