Mov or stats?

I was thinking about some ideas involving FE when this question popped in my head: In a scenario where you could have either weak units combat wise but that had higher movement or strong units combat wise that couldn’t move very far, which would you choose? Im talking about a whole army of those, like 10 early pegasus knights vs 10 good armors.


choosing just one for your entire team would not be fun. You want to create a diverse cast of classes that each have a usable role.

Utility classes like thief, troubadour, and pegasus knight make good use of high movement.

High stat classes like mounts dominate the fegba games because they have high mov abd good stats.

Low mov classes like knights don’t usually have enough of an advantage over higher mov classes to be worthwhile.

It is tedious to move units with poor mobility around, so I’d prefer higher mov.


I’d say it depends on the maps partly. If you’ve got massive maps and all you’ve got are low MOV units, it’s gonna be painful to dredge toward the objective.
But if you’ve got nice compact maps, and a bunch of fliers who can make it from one end to the other in a blink of an eye, you’re not gonna get the full use out of them.


I can’t answer which one is better because it depends on the game.

There is Carlo in Kaitou as a unit with only high mobility.
He is a unit that has ALL 0 stats and Growth ALL:5% ends up but when Promoted, you can choose Scout (MOV+15) or Priest (POW+36, RES+36, but only staff can use it. staff WLV+S).
Looking at the data sent by auto feedback, many of you are using Scout.
In some cases, they do not use him in the first place, but if they do, Scout probably matches Kaitou’s gameplay better.
At first I had Priest with RES+36, DEF+36 (everything maxed except LUCK).
However, it was a little too strong, so I changed it to DEF+0 and settled on the current form.

Also, Kaitou changed the rules to allow unlimited item exchange, which I think is one of the factors that gave Scout an advantage.
Even if items are exchanged, they do not consume turns, so they are probably flying around the stage delivering weapons to the front lines or abducting weakened enemies.

Therefore, I don’t think I can answer whether or not either unit is better for your game, as it strongly depends on the game and the system.
If the players can choose, why don’t you implement both and tally them with the auto feedback data?


Given the very little information given,

I’d say 10 high mov/low stats units gives the player the tools to deal with whatever they’re up against,

but I’d prefer 10 low move/high stat units since it takes less time to move a unit 3 squares than it does 7.

EDIT: In my favorite FE romhack every player unit has 2 move. (Fliers and horsemen have 3)

FE Heroes is your favorite romhack?

10 peagsus knights means the possibility for 3 triangle attacks a turn and thats just too funny to give up, all other stats be damned.


Really depends on the other factors like enemy strenght, TTA (Turn till action / enemy contact on maps), and role fufillment of characters.

In Tear Ring Saga for example, you get armor knights who always felt useful despite only getting 3 move before promo.
They however had good skills, one promoted into greatknight and got +3 move, with the game encouraging an early promotion. The other had a move growth, and the last one was a prepromote with 4 move. However most maps were built in such a way that even with low move, the unit could fufill a job most of the time due to enemies being close to your starting point, reinforcements coming towards you, chokepoints you could reach before the enemy, enemies spawning near your spawn point, etc. On the other hand, units like FE7 Marcus or FE9 Titania can be really useful for their move since it allows you to fufill objectives you otherwise wouldn’t have reached in time.

The other point is roles, how important that role is, and how many units can fufill it. In FE9 maniac mode ironman for example, brom, gatrie and tauroneo are actually really good for maps like clash, because of their huge defence (5 enemies doing 5 damage per turn = 25, 1 more defence and it’s suddenly just 20), also with knightward their speed can very well be good enough to double, and their str cap of 29 combined with forged javs makes them some of the few units not only able to survive multiple turns pretty much guaranteed, but also be just powerful enough to kill the enemies on retaliation. Since you have 3 options, they’re all okay and not using one or two of them is not that big of an issue, but if you for example only had Brom, he would already be a lot better since he fufills a role not many others can feasibly do as easily as he does.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, enemy stats also matter a lot, play fe8 easy mode and movement is king, since even if high move class stats are overall lower, they will still be more than enough to fufill the same job infantry units with higher stats would be able to, but play a game with strong enemies, and the higher stats become a necessity.

In other words, both unit types definitely have their own strenghts and weaknesses, and i feel like making high move units a bit weaker on average is fine since they have other uses past their stats. But you need to keep everything in mind when you design maps, stats, etc.

This concludes my ted talk.

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Actually… Yes?

It’s Heroes of PaBP a horribly underrated hack from 2019.

Best experience I’ve ever had with a romhack, fire emblem or non.

How about FE9 as an example; bear in mind, most characters can get capped or solid stats pretty easily in FE9 pretty easily, so consider that as a big neon asterisk, but I digress

The best characters all have access to 7 move or more and canto “meta” wise, despite there being some great prepromotes, and foot classes have solid to top tier stats (Ike can one man the whole game, doubly so with the Ragnell, Gatrie is up there as one of the best generals in mainline FE, swordmasters are all solid (Zihark) to basically unf*ck -upable out the box (Stefan), etc ) Because super canto is king, and the maps are all big enough that high move snowballs into extra BXP, which further snowballs into even stronger units for free

Stats because Armors Knights are in my top 3 :sunglasses:

But to give a longer answer, it really depends on the given map size of the “game” these units would be playable in. I’d never subject ANYONE to 10 Armor Knights in say FE6, or FE4, even FE5.

Or on the opposite side, I wouldn’t want to hand over 10 Flyers to the player in FE9, or FE10 and say “How 'bout you break the game wide open for me please?”.

But if we were to look at this in a vacuum, I’d still go for Stats over Mov. Having weak, scrubby units that can fly across an entire map wouldn’t be fun if it takes 2/3 of them to take on one footsoldier.