Mourning dead hacks

There have been many finished hacks of such great quality in recent years thanks to FEbuilder and that’s all great and happy, but where’s my depression? Oh right we have piles and piles of dead hacks that will never be finished and are fated to rot in the deepest depths of this website

so what projects have you all watched die and are disappointed or saddened by the death?


For me personally, I saw about a month ago a hack that never even got any screenshots or links, still in its concept stages from a user that we haven’t seen for years, I won’t say which hack specifically since I don’t want to draw attention to a grave that doesn’t even have anything on its tombstone

all you need to know is that it was based off an anime that I love to death


The Last Promise 2 (Hopefully not dead).
Also, Midnight Sun (Now a non-fangame).


Dream of Five. It’s a hack from a time before FeBuilder or Buildfiles, but it’s dead so I think it counts.


does staff of ages count?


I remember checking that hack out and being disappointed by it’s cancellation

No. DoF bad. Who thought putting a turn limit on
is a good idea?


I’m also lighting up a candle in memory of Midnight Sun. For many, TLP was their first rom hack, but for me it was MS.

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What do you mean? There’s only few maps with turn limits, and that includes Survive map and the one that doesn’t result in Game Over - it instead spawns OP enemy units that still need a couple of turns to reach you.


Well that’s what I remember of it at least.

Crystal of Bonds was a hack I was helping with a long time ago, back in my early days of hacking. I was really excited to see this project get completed, but it got put on a hiatus, like, a year and a half ago with still zero news about it today…

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This post is kinda rude, my guy.

Anyway, I agree it’s a shame a lot of these projects didn’t meet their goals, regardless of why. I’d add Death or Glory and Shatterlight to the pile of ones I was a little sad to see go.


Wait, didn’t DoG get finished? Wasn’t it posted as a finished hack? Like the very first release was a finished version and then it was just improvements from there on out.

I wish.

Maybe you’re thinking of Requiem?

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Oh, I think so. Could have sworn it and DoG both got dropped as full length 20+ chapter hacks. I checked and DoG is only 14 chapters, which baffles me. I could have sworn it was longer than that.

J&P book 2

big lol right there


For me it was definitely Midnight Sun (loved the format and story-telling there. Don’t even get me started on the wondeful music selection!), and A Sacred Dawn DX, where the group that had come to form was fleshed out so well that I was totally invested at the most minor of plot points. Just thinking about that group succeeding makes me so happy and melancholic…

FE Shatterlight

Only klok will remember this

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Isn’t Midnight Sun a graphical novel now?

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