Most obnoxious FE mechanic

Fellas, tell me why you hate generic enemy assassins, revelations snowplowing, and other such and such. If it’s from a hack, feel free to mention it (but not the hack name, no disparaging), or even if its a purely speculative mechanic or gimmick.


Rain. I am British. I play games for escapism. Not to face reality.


I want to play Fire Emblem, not dungeon-explorer-puzzle or whatever it is, Revelation.

i too hate echoes

I second this. Shrek could’ve emerged from those swamp maps and I won’t be surprised.


Hi I’m here to say that elevators are dumb and they should’ve marked the doorways better so I didn’t idle for 10 turns wondering why nothing was happening.



EDIT: Also, FE11 (I think it’s 11?) requiring you to kill like 75% of your party to access gaiden missions.


FE4 Hidden events and Stefan recruitment
How am I supposed to know those exists without a guide?

And Lyn’s Tale. F that


Desert maps that are JUST desert.

I mean, good desert maps exist (Scorched Sand from FE8 is really good because the desert emphasizes rescuing eirika or get screwed by fliers), but the ones that are just copypaste sand are just disgusting.

cries in yied desert


fe7/8 promos.
no comment.


Honestly, zone-based reinforcements. They’re kind of not inherently awful but it’s the kind of mechanic that you can’t plan around without prior knowledge. sometimes it’s still awful even with prior knowledge

In other words fuck you FE12 chapter 12.


Ambush spawns are fucking rubbish


I was gonna put weather in FE7, but it seems Zmr covered me. Still, I think there was some potential in making it interesting. Either way, FE7 should really be called “the blazing blade of wasted potential”


Fog + non-aesthetic weather or Fog + Effective weapons. The former is like being bad traffic with low gas and the latter is like somebody spitting in my face because I didn’t guess their birthday.


Because your not?


some kid finds it eventually and it becomes playground legend

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By now I must say Three Houses’ monastery phase. Full of “interesting” quests, loading times (Abyss, Holy tomb), unskipable parts (cooking) and always the same fucking persons that say the same fucking phrases (I thInK I LiKe tHis. WHAT NOW, YES OR NO YOU FOOLISH CREATURE?). Also fuck the gatekeeper. I like Three Houses.


Since i am playing through Berwick Saga atm, let me tell you about some obnoxious things in an other wise really fun game.

  • Anti-efficiency: Alot of good dropable items, citizen request items and even some units you can recruit appear like 20 Turns into the map. Usually i clear maps in like ~15 Turns, and then i have to play waiting simulator. And sometimes the maps have like 24 turn limits, yet you have to wait for the dropables. FE5 had that problem as well, this game takes it to another level.

  • Obnoxious RNG mechanics: And i am not talking about 1RN here even if 1RN can go die in a fire, but how you have RNG involved in stuff like weapon durability (see that shiny rare weapon you just got? It can break 5 battles in at the whims of rng), RNG capturing (to capture someone you need to cripple them, and that’s completely up to RNG), to rng shields (because battles needed even more of rng involved), to crits dealing random extra 10-20 damage (tbf i don’t completely know what to to think about that one), etc. I don’t know why Kaga loves his randomness so much

Don’t get me wrong, i am really enjoying the game, but this is probably the most obnoxious rng has ever been outside of FE6.


How Fire Emblem Fates handles its unbreakable weapons. Bring back weight if you want to have repercussions for wielding stronger weapons! Spears and tomahawks are stuck to two range, Silver weapons drop certain stats everytime you use them, bronze weapons can’t crit and weapons like the levin sword and shining bow can’t crit. Meanwhile, the Siegfried, Raijinto, Yato, Brynhildr and Fujin Yumi are super broken. Why bother trying to use a kodachi (1-2 range sword), if you can zap an enemy from afar with one of the most broken weapons in the series.

I’m glad to see that Three Houses brought back weapon durability, because I could not have survived another Fire Emblem Game with the shitty weapon mechanics Fates threw at us.


always the same fucking persons that say the same fucking phrases (I thInK I LiKe tHis. WHAT NOW, YES OR NO YOU FOOLISH CREATURE?)

“Someone lost this? Someone lost this? Someone lost this?”