Hello guys

Hi, I nico and it’s a great pleasure to be here although I’ve been here for over 5 months this is the first post I do here, well to be direct I have several things to talk about.

Well as I have the FEbuilder GBA I’m looking for a tutorial and I also need to know if there are more tools I have quite a few ideas that I would like to make them come true.

thank you very much and I hope to show you more than I have in mind and capture it in hackroms.

also profit to say that I don’t write very well English adding to that I do it from a translator


Welcome, Nico!

I recommend searching the forums for specific topics on FEbuilder and some best practices. The FEU discord is also a good place to ask for help. Most of the resources to get started should be archived on the forum.


thank you :slight_smile:

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I have 3 short febuilder tutorials that I’ve made:

There are also some by Memetzar

Hope these help


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