Memestar's Spritans and music!

Decided to release some of my portraits in my hack that I’ve been made/spliced as a way to give back to the community. Keep in mind some are not free2use while other’s are, they’re labeled as such. Anyway’s there might be some repeats that I’ve posted in muggling blitz that you’ve seen before.Make sure to credit accordingly. The quality of the sprites ranges based on when I made them to keep that in mind. Neitherless enjoy the sprites!

NOT Free to Use or Free to splice with:
Florina 3344cd439dbe594b694770751831f2158cd78d2f Brock Dande frank 1.1
Jeorge_Reds <-Huge credit to Jeorge_Reds Laurent Lacroix<-Credit LaurentLacroix
LaurentLacroix and Melia <-Huge credit to Melia and LaurentLacroix!
Lloyd Portrait Editor FE 4.0.gba_14@0E Lyra_017E3540 Renault Portrait Editor redone fe4.0.gba_8@08 Stephine_011CB97C
Portrait Editor redone fe4.0.gba_42@2A Rabin_011CBD34 <-Huge credit to Tobiki
Now to the Free to use/edit sprites:
55fb5a1f3b7ab219913556451e092fe2e8d09b77a2a5228146162b23ccffe8205235df8ebe0af297 <-Credit LaurentLacroix
Anderson Abraham Goerge
Demon jay LaurentLacroix and Melia <-Credit LaurentLacroix/Melia
Emperor <-Credit to Wave/LaurentLacroix
Portrait Editor patch 1.emulator.gba_5@05 Gilliam_8ACC50 nakana 9.5 Portrait Editor FE 6.gba_76@4CJahn_FDA74C Portrait Editor fe hack 2.5.1.gba_11@0B Aaron___011FEDC8
smokeyguy77<-Credit smokeyguy77


Two more portraits I made for my hack they’re not free to use however if you’d like you can splice with them.
merc priest


First time using the Improved Lava cave tileset(shoutout to Zoramine for the tileset) I’d say I did pretty alright for a first-timer.
Volcano GIF


Decided to change the MC portrait be it very slightly so she looks less obvious like a Eleanora sprite. Also huge shoutout to Tobiki for the promoted clothing. These are not free2use unless it’s the clothing of the promoted MC.

Unpromoted MC
Promoted MC
Portrait Editor redone fe4.0.gba_53@35 Nakana_011CBE68


Have a lot more stuff here ya go, firstly is a GIF of a tileset from Vennobennu and Flasuban and Zoramine for a fe4-styled ish tileset
Map work
I did a similar effect to what FE7 and FE6 did with cog of destiny where they shared
maps.(also happens in the ostian castle)
I also did that here.
The bottom left (shown in the first frame of the GIF with a lot of detail) is reused from the prologue of the hack.
I did some portraits too. Credit to p33rl355 and GabrielKnight for assests for them.
They’re free to use as I used mugging blitz resources.
General WIP sniper F!hero


Bramimond splice free to use not much content right now to show without huge spoilers but this will do.


Had to change to Spritans and music oh well. I got into doing some music hacking and I got this out. I’m really happy how it came out. I wish I could do music more commonly but I already got my hands full doing everything solo. But here you go it’s free to use I also added a preview.It’s from the video game Trails. Credit to Aluqs for helping me and BrotherKlim for the MIDI.

Download link:

Haven’t posted one of these in a while here’s a mountainous GIF shoutout to zoramine for fixing thing’s up a bit.
work gif


Been slacking a bit but here’s a generic non-generic lord for a sequel of my hack
Not free to use credit to Hypergammaspaces for the Armor.
It’s supposed to be based of this amazing custom animation by Waleed


Back again with custom music this time with castlevania order of ecclesia music “an empty tome”
Works wonders as a player theme song here ya go Castlevania link free to use with credit of me and SusiKette

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How dare people not make a FreeToUse port for Gerudo Valley, should be a standard for desert maps, well worry not I’ve come to the rescue. Here’s a gerudo valley .S file for hackers to port into there hacks.
Here’s the preview [Preview] (There’s a 3 second delay on the preview but it’s not like that in the file)
Here’s the [file] for download. Credit me and Sirius thanks.

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Ended up using the Pirate hideout tileset made by Wave instead of the generic cave tileset.
Looks great took me a while to get the hang of the tiles but with a reference I was able to get it working.
Happy with the final product even though it’s very different from my initial layout.


Keep up the hard work. I enjoy following your progress with projects & seeing the assets you make.

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That map and tileset are a thing of beauty.

Critique: Slow your gifs down, especially on the final frame. They go so fast it’s hard to see how the maps actually turned out. A long pause on the final frame would be great.

Took Klok’s advice and reduced the time for GIF for the last frame, did it for the pirate map too, this here is a custom tileset by Zoramine and Flasuban took me 5 different layouts to get a good idea of the map but I got it.


What just 2 days and already? Yep here’s another map based on the custom castle tileset by Zoramine had to make a lot of changes from the original plan and fix the damn elevation but it worked out in the end.
Here’s a alternate palette:
8 zlt


Been a while hasn’t it, Well I got quite the few thing’s to add, Here’s one using the fe7 tileset since I personally hate fe8’s palette theme.
And here’s some portraits
Free to use:
credit Gabriel knight too for this one

and now to the not free to use portrait, I decided to do a splice since honestly I’m getting a bit
tired of reusing community assests so I’ll probably be making more more custom
splices later on. Also believe it or not I used the charactercreator tool to get a layout of this, I guess it does have it’s uses.
suit credit:Laurentlacroix

and here’s a nightmare version:


Woop Woop, another update here’s a portrait by Damo based on a skeleton sorcerer animation
It’s free to use as long as you credit him so go wild.
Also here’s another map progress thing.
Done by another Wave tileset. I refuse to use vanilla cave tilesets anymore since these ones are
just superior in my opinion.


Another map done, this time a night village tileset with rain (no rain mov cost)which I had no idea how to do villages
since I’ve never really made maps centered a lot around them but I’m happy with the outcome.


Been a longgg while so here’s some cool stuff not free to use though. starting with a Oasis map
And some characters
Forde Capibarainspace_4 wip1 Igor Teodor
Credit to Capibarainspace_4 for the second one.