Memestar's Spritans and music!

Five moreeeeee lot’s of spriting. These are free to use/edit with credit.
WIP 4.0 WIP 2.0
Not Free to use:
WIP1.0 seperate file tf WIP 3.0
I’m planning on making every single portrait here free to use(no limit) at one point. Hopefully a month after whenever my own project is done but that won’t be soon so yeah :eyes:.

Still kicking, haven’t been doing too much spriting though, cause I got burnt out.
Still, I did some.
Not free to use:
(credit to der)
Free to use:
steph sis


Linda portrait 3.0
alright last post before I vanish into air again, decided to redo the witch
since something was just off, so that’s exactly what I did.
still not f2u credit to Nobody for the body and Nickt for the hair.


Way more content of portraits, quality may vary based on how much time I spent on making them
and how much I spliced so keep that in mind, anyways heres the new stuff
Free to use(preferably edit these as you like but idc)
joline Eliwood Default Priscilla Ursula Geese
Not free to use:
Ephidel Cloaked Joshua Vigarde Ugh redone madelyn Rath vanessa_but_the_frames_are_fixed
not free to use(credit to Nickt)
Miel Rose