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Took me 2 years but I’m back!

Hey y’all! Welcome!
Hope you’re doin’ well today! This is you’re go-to place for all things “my stuff”.
Welp, have a look around if you please. I like showing off my work. And I REALLY like to improve on my work via feedback, Criticism, Opinion, suggestions, anything! I can take it!

Godbless! Thanks!


My OCs:
Chorus (FE8)Deendf6tgyuhijoklkijuhgtrfdDonnol
ForrestgegqegqfqwfqFFHeim newHilda

Some aged up FE8 Characters:
Colm (Older)ephraim newEphraim new (scared)ErikiaFranz Older (BladerDj)innesKYle (Older)Natasha

Some other random stuff:
Zuko LeftZuko Right

And finally, some updated older Portraits:
CoenRossNemyaCraterBrom (NEW)

Some of these are a bit older or have less effort, but I like 'em! :grin:

Item Icons

First Icons:
WindElwindArcwindTornadoWind EdgeShort Axe

Old Version Of Thread

Hey everyone! MegaCowsamMan here!

I come where with these work’s of art i’ve made!

Feedback is welcome!

And, i also come with a question, how do I add these portrait’s to the Ultimate graphics repo.?

Free To Use!

this is Nemya! She’s my fanmade daughter of Neimi!
This is brom! He’s a priest of Grado!
this is Tristen! He serves the Abel Archtype!
This is Coen! He serves the Cain Archtype!
This is Damian! He’a a knight of Renais! And my first splice ever!
This is Crater! He’s a bandit of Rausten!
This is Ross! When he’s older at least! (By 16 year’s)

So, yeah, feel free to use them in any way you’d like, credit me of course!

Let me know if you have any trouble’s with them! Thank you! :grin:

More will come here soon!


All F2U! If you wish to edit one of my assets, feel free to ask in this thread.
And thats pretty much it! Might do some other sort of asset someday, but who knows!

Thanks for dropping by! :grin:


These look great!

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Thank’s man! Glad you like them! :grin:

And, i also come with a question, how to add thes portrait’s to the Ultimate graphics repo.?

Just post them in that thread, or clone the repo on git, add the portraits, and make a pull request.

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Thank you so much! :hearts:

Since we’re in the topic of splices, what’s your pfp made of?

This thread is back in business! Who-hoo!!!


Marossa (sorry)

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Lol! No worries! One of my early ones! :laughing:

I think you can guess what I finished watching…
Zuko Left
Zuko Right
Ya boy, Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender!
A splice/original portrait me and a friend cooked up together.
I’ll make the frames at a later date. Lemme know of any improvements I could make!


Ok, so after a bit of practice, trial and error, and help from all you wonderful people, I’ve managed to cook up my first Item Icons.

WindElwindArcwindTornadoWind EdgeShort Axe

I’ll maybe post a few portraits soon. Just as an FYI!
I’m open to any of your suggestions for improvements! Cheers!