Fire Emblem: Steel Will

                             *FIRE EMBLEM: STEEL WILL*

What is it?

Fire Emblem Steel Will is a romhack of FE8, featuring a planned total of 28(?) chapters.
With a main emphasis on using what vanilla systems are there to create unique map objectives without relying on heavy ASM usage.

Our adventure entails in the land of Paulo. A land rich with history not a soul could remember. Join our 3 protagonists as they each take differing perspectives into this lush land of mystery…and unfold a secret plot unbeknownst to the entire population…



  • 28(?) Chapters
  • 3 Unique campaigns with 3 unique Lords
  • FE10 style switches between parties!
  • Gameplay inspired by FE11 (Mostly FE11, but still!)
  • Capture(?)
  • A Base Mode between chapters!
  • (Mostly) gimmicky objectives
  • Lots of weapons
  • Armor Knights that are actually good!
  • Mono weapon classes
  • A story that’s pretty good
  • Full supports (Eventually)
  • Skills!
  • Enhanced(ish) Weapon Triangle
  • Remixed, familiar, and original songs by me!
  • …And more!


Download Link: Coming Soon:


Cant wait to try this! FE11 is the remake of the 1st game. How does this one have similarities to it?

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Well, a large, Iron Man friendly cast, enemies that’ll hit hard, Manaketes, a rather simplistic story (at least for part 1), a few archtypes from the first game, and characters with generally lower defense.

I’m currently balancing chapter 2 currently right now. The first demo will have a planned 9 chapters.

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I shall give it a try as soon as its ready

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This looks pretty cool. Can’t wait for the release.