MarkyJoe's SRPG Studio Community Asset Project

Hey again. In case you guys haven’t heard about MarkyJoe’s SRPG Studio community asset project, he just made a new video to raise awareness of it:

This started a while ago, but progress has been slow due to a lack of sufficient manpower for producing improved assets. If any of the more open-minded among you are interested in contributing, feel free to contact him. Thanks.


You need to stop this backhanded passive-aggressive nonsense

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While a bit on the nose, that snippet isn’t uh, entirely unjustified.

That aside, I do HIGHLY encourage people with the skillset to at least poke your head in to see what needs to be done. I’d like to see SRPG Studio gain an even playing field among the other options that have begun to spring up in popularity. Not in a competitive way mind you, but having more communities and engines to count on for (fan)game creation in general is nice.

And before it’s hinted at yes I’m sorry for ducking out on short notice


I don’t mind you advertising and/or asking for contributors, but I’m with Dancer on this one – I’m not interested in having you post increasingly passive-aggressive calls to action if people aren’t biting.


That didn’t feel passive aggressive to me at all… not until Skitty highlighted and emphasized it. Skitty, assuming the worst of a rather benign sentence, highlighting it, and calling it out is not particularly polite, or mature man. Why not just ask him over DM to tone it down? You’ve basically just ruined any chances this topic could get off the ground.

Come on. We can all do better than that.


Well, in their defense, this isn’t the first time I’ve acted rude here. I admit I’m still feeling burned from the lack of SRPG Studio appreciation I’ve seen here compared to Serenes Forest, especially now that I go back and take a look at my old survey results again.

That said, it would’ve been nice if they’d just warned me about my behavior one of the last few times. I would’ve complied.

if it wasn’t already clear, then you can consider this that warning. Considering that the equivalent serenes thread is noticeably missing that line, I’m not really interested in hearing whether any offense was intended. If you’d like to get snippy, you can do it in private.

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The serenes thread was made 40 minutes ago, long after this stupid shitshow began. Obviously he wouldn’t use the same line if he already knows what would come out of it.

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But the Serenes thread was made before the first reply on this one.

Hah, even I missed that. Good catch.

Err, no? It was made, as of this moment, 44 minutes ago. Cam’s first reply was one hour ago. Let alone Skitty’s and the rest.

alright, enough. one way or another, and whether or not offense was intended, i want it to stop, or I’m going to start deleting threads. this is also your “kindly stop arguing about whether it’s intentionally passive aggressive” warning, since apparently that has to be explicit now.

Nvm I can’t count I interpreted it as 40 mins from the FEU thread, my bad.

I was just looking into SRPG Studio. Is that a decent program?

I’d say so yeah.

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This is a good initiative. SRPG Studio definitely needs a facelift. Although I understand there are some folks out there who really love the engine, the aesthetics are pretty bland and unappealing. That’s one of the unfortunate shortcomings. So any efforts to address that issue are definitely welcome!

What should be avoided is this whole partisan bickering of Buildfiles vs. FE Builder vs. Lex Talonis vs. Tactile vs. SRPG Studio, etc. We have so many different methods to create fangames these days. Maybe the author didn’t intend to throw shade, but it was definitely taken that way by some of the readers. No need to make a big old drama storm out of it. Not everything has to be made into a public fight with the moderation team either.

Let’s celebrate the diversity of options and move on. This is a welcomed initiative, so thank you for promoting it Von. I hope it ends up being successful.


This is an amazing project! I’m actually suprised that they managed to raise quite some bucks for this cause already!
I think that this project and the ANB Toolbox search for quite similar things. While most ANB Assets (with Tactile in mind) will mostly be easier to include into the GBAFE engine (and vice versa); this might still be interesting for all of us (pixel design backgrounds etc.).

I will certainly get in contact with MarkyJoe. Let’s see what will come out of this :slight_smile:


Um. Hey. Hello everyone. It’s me. MarkyJoe.

To be clear, right now we are working on tilesets. Later on, we intend to touch upon the graphical user interface, which has already gotten some touch ups thanks to the programmers in the community, but it still needs better looking assets. Afterwards, if we are able to muster the funds, I intend to take on battle animations, which will mostly be graphical assets, but I’ve been thinking of revamping the way battle animations are handled in the engine such that they work like FE5. Basically, units in battle will act like artificial intelligence instead of just going through mostly pre-determined animations.

We’ve made a good amount of progress with tilesets, but with only 2 artists consistently contributing, it’s been very slow. I made the video in hopes that we could get things running a little quicker, cause we certainly got money to throw around, if not the man power.