Mark the tactician commission

Hello promoted units! I’m very new and very much of a green unit here, I have looked all across elibe looking for a sprite, mug, animation for this tactician but my tactics have failed… is anyone interested of attempting this? I need both portraits and animations for base class and promotion. I am flexible of price with it being a commission because it takes time. Please let me know if you’re interested, thank you.

here are some pics to base the ideas from
*the mug/portrait i found and attempted working on but it might need tweaking to work properly
*if a hooded version along with the mug can happen it would be great
*i found this sprite from a unreleased hack
*something like pent/lyon/brammimond promotion class

Test Portrait1 idle

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As far as I know, the animation you show here is not free to use, so don’t use it

Technically, you could just use modified vanilla animations depending on what weapons you want Mark to use.

Hello captn_pete / welcome to FEU!

Just in case you didn’t know there are repositories with free-to-use graphics resources available (in graphics repo, its google drive(here), or by searching “mug blitz” from the search bar). You can use assets from those sources in your projects as long as credit is given.

Battle sprites take lots of time to make so please find one from the repo or make a very good case for one being made. You need to structure your request very concretely (“I need X design using Y weapon-types”), the more references you have the better, including a proof of concept/projectPatch, being willing to assist with scripting/understanding the process, all help in making your animation request more acheivable and likely to be taken.

As general ettiquette, please don’t use things you “find” without being sure the creator is okay with you using them.

If you do have permission to use the mug, its colors suffered from compression and frame misalignment, to some extent I’ve cleaned it up for you. Make sure when you’re working you keep your image within 16 colors and save in a lossless format. (Feel free to ask questions here or in the FEU discord if you’re feeling lost.)

Splices are pretty simple to learn and the formatting is very important for importing into GBA so I’d recommend you give it a try so you can get a feel of the fundamentals. I’ve arranged some willing canidates for splicing a hood onto the Mark mug.

If you’ve reached this point, thanks for wading through all that, good luck, and happy hacking!


You could just use Brammimond’s portrait for Mark. It’s basically just him, since that’s how Brammimond works. For the animation, a green druid palette works.

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I won’t, I simply showed in hopes it might bring some inspiration of something similar

Your the best!! thanks feels

I might try using his hood along with what feels recommended

Thanks everyone so far for your tips and suggestions. I appreciate your time helping this green unit. I will keep looking for animations however if someone wants to do a commission for this sprite its available

The idea/design sprite of tactician is:
Shaman, monk, mage
*being able to do magic animation with staff and do motivate (unit acts again)

Then once promoted the tactician looks:
*magic, staff and all 4 weapons with motivate



Here’s an updated portrait. The eyes and mouth were off. The background color was off too so I decided to fix it. Just came across this post after wondering the exact same thing. Here’s a thought, replace Cameron for Mark the tactician. Cameron is an unimportant mini boss in the Dragon’s Gate, you can put Pascal in his place. Furthermore replace the female knight for the Tactician animation which can be retrieved from here:
For the standing and moving sprites you may use the Prince class for that. Last but not least you may assign the appropriate affinity, support data, and conversation group (I selected 7). To be able to use Mark in the battle field, you should add him as a blue unit in the prologue chapter (Go to chapter > unit placer > turn 1 [player’s turn]) - All this can be done using the software FE Builder. Happy hacking!

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Hey so i’ve been trying to use this portrait for a Fire Emblem hack but whenever it’s in conversations the mouth is off.
So when entering a house his mouth is off, in the portrait editor the Display example section, move it to 9 and the mouth is off yet every other frame isn’t.
It’s odd it only happens on this portrait! if you could help me out that would be great!