Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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I can just see it now, waddling over to mama fire dragon lmao


This would had been useful for my old hack idea.


I made some class cards for Cavalier and Paladin with Sword instead of Lance. Maybe they could be of use to someone.


Hey guys,

Does anyone know if there is a Female Mercenary Class Card anywhere?
Was looking and didn’t find any.


If there isn’t one I can make one. (…later)




Would you be willing to take a shot at an accompanying femHero?

EN appreciates the things you do very much.


EN Fire Shell


Instead of hero have horse

Class card because I felt like it.

Now if there is ever a FE chapter about rescuing wild horsies you have the materials.


there is now \o/


Tweaked the class card


Cause havok by letting the enemy camp’s horses run wild. I think that was in FE10 but it’d be a cool chapter goal on its own.


I wonder if Niharu is on FEU…


Well, time to start preparing for the invasion of the evil hor—

Oh. Yeah. Rescuing innocent horses. That’s certainly what I had in mind. Nothing else.


If someone could modify a paladin to be horse only without those fancy cloth and fix up the animation a bit to be horse, and i’m in for some horse brawl hack.


I can see this being in bloodlines


B-but what would the horses promote into and what would they look like promoted? Since we already know cavaliers exist in Bloodlines…


Clearly, the T1’s would be mares and the T2’s would be stallions. The promotion is just mares growing balls.



poni -> best poni


I’ll make this into a subquest to promote the secondary lords (Rya, Valpurga, Kalos) XD
Thanks, it’s so much inspiring!

btw @L95, I can’t see the black pegasus anymore…
Edit: nm, it’s in the first post derp