Lost Kingdom (Hiatus)

“Long ago, Medeus, king of the dragonkin, conquered the continent of Akaneia, beginning an age of fear and despair for all its people. That tyranny was broken, however, thanks to a miracle. A young man hailing from the Altea region appeared with a divine blade in hand. He stood against the Shadow Dragon, and struck him down. For some time after, the land enjoyed an age of peace.”

“However, after a century’s passing, the Shadow Dragon returned. He forged an alliance with a fiendish sorcerer who sought to rule the world, and their combines might topple kingdom upon unsuspecting kingdom. Again, darkness threatened to engulf the continent. It fell upon the king of Altea, sole descendant of the dragon-slayer hero, to sally forth with the divine blade and fulfill his blood destiny.”

or so they say

Anyway, if you read all of that, you already know where this is going (or maybe it was obvious from the image). Lost Kingdom is intended to be a retelling of Marth’s story, with the inclusion of BSFE as well (in the future) using the Tactile engine.

As of now, up to chapter 5 is complete, all chapters have a fully developed hard mode as well.

Image Thingo


Q: Are Marth and Roy in this game?
A: … Technically yes.

Q: Do I still have to kill off units to get the gaidens?
A: All gaidens are obtainable through normal gameplay, as opposed to safety nets for newer/not as versed players

Q: I think I saw Norne, how do I recruit her?
A: You’ll have to give up on recruiting the other mediocre archer, unfortunately.

Q: There’s a 1-3x? I don’t remember seeing that before.
A: The chapters follow FE3’s chapter progression for the most part, so chapters that were cut from it, like FE1’s Chapter 4, have been re-introduced as gaidens. Refer to an earlier question on how to obtain those.

Q: Wtf Lena’s Warp Staff and Merric’s Excalibur are missing!!!
A: Both of these weapons are extremely powerful, and entirely unnecessary for when they’re given to the player. Both still exist and will be obtained at a later date.

Q: What’s with the portraits?
A: Nearly every one is a placeholder. I am not a very good facespriter, so I just used something that vaguely reminded me of each unit’s normal look. If you have contributions in this area, they are greatly appreciated?

Q: So… Fractured Realms?
A: Still in hiatus but currently being worked on.

Notable changes:

Marth promotes (WHAT NO!! YOU CAN’T)
Some units have their base classes changed/adjusted
Base & Support conversations (although they’re not all written yet)

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Eric no what is this what are you doing
will you be the one to break the curse
and will I inevitably give you content pertaining to my homegirls for this :upside_down_face:

losing control of my life


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Fractured Realms updoot when skitty aaaaaaaaaaaaa

but honestly, FE1 in Tactile with some artistic changes sounds promising
also why dont you use GFE1R mugs? aren’t they like F2U or smth

good luck with the project, i’m genuinely interested with how this goes


Tbh I… Don’t like a lot of them
Might be style clash, might have to do with how they were scaled, but yeah that’s most of why I’m not
Big fan of mister Cain though

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Finally. A telling of FE1 that actually has unique character palettes for each character lol.

You should’ve seen him pre-edits… makes me shudder just thinking about it

figure I might as well make a poll/ask about this

Pegasus Knight promotion… Something I can’t really decide on.

  • Dracoknight/Dragon Master
  • Falcoknight
  • Character-Dependent

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As it stands, I have T1 Dracoknights that promote to Dragon Masters and Pegasus Knights promoting to Falcoknight. I’m not sure if I want to stick with what was done in fe1, do some exclusive promotion for Caeda, or flat update the promotion to fit modern/post fe4 standards.

In my head, WHITEwings should be stay on white wings… Meaning Pegasi. And due to Caeda already having an exclusive weapon, she doesn’t also need an exclusive promotion. However, this leaves Minerva as the sole Dragonmaster, which doesn’t feel correct either.

Any thoughts/opinions on this are helpful, I honestly am not sure what direction to go with on this decision.

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How about Pegasus Knight -> Falcoknight and Dracoknight -> Dracomaster? I remember hearing you talking about reclassing, so giving some mediocre side characters the ability to get dragon mounts could both make them more interesting and leave Minerva not alone in her class.

what i never said this


I cast my vote for Dragon Knight mainly out of purism. If you’re not planning to copy every minor nuance of the NES game, by all means change it to Falcon Knight.

Given that the game has the prologue chapters from FE11, I would think that it’s not sticking exclusively to FE1/3’s stuff.

I say make it character dependent. I mean I agree with the White Wings and stuff but Caeda could be that one who is different for the sake of some originality from things.

palla can’t promote to dracoknight (as it’s called in fe12)

fe12 fans tilted
I think what they can promote into across every game is more important than them being the WHITEwings or whatever, because people would miss not being able to promote to what they usually promote a unit into.

they can promote into falcoknights in fe11 and fe12 lol
it just requires extra work

That’s compatible with my idea which is let units promote into any class they could promote into across all games they’re in except weird awakening spotpass stuff

I’d make the Macedonian Pegasus Knights promo to Wyvern and Caeda to Falcon.

So everyone gets their DSFE reclass options?

just make their dragon mounts have white scales and wings, ez

But, to be serious for a moment, there’s honestly merits to both sides. Since I’m not sure what the plan is across the board for promotion (in terms of single option vs split, Master Seal vs Class-based items, Tellius-style, etc.), I don’t know how well it would mesh with everything else, but you could always just do a branched promotion for them and let the player decide (whether DSFE-like where Master Seal goes to Dragonmaster and Elysian Whip goes to Falcoknight or Sacred Stones like where upon using the item you get the choice). It’s not really a case where one class is going to gain extra movement over the other or something, so as long as there’s a degree of meaningful choice between the two, I think that would be better than locking them into one option or the other.

I mean, if I had to choose, I feel like Caeda being a unique Falcoknight probably makes the most sense, given that you could just tweak the script and have it be an advantage of basically being the secondary main character of the Archanea Saga as well as nobility (and the fact that the Whitewings serve under Minerva would probably mean that they would follow suit to her mount). But, if you wanted to go the other route and make them all Falcoknights, you could always make Michalis a secret, unlockable character via some specific condition to give the player another Dragonmaster.

Honestly, I’ve always enjoyed the Exalted Legacy-style approach to Archanea - they’ve been remade already in a way that’s mostly vanilla with some updates and the originals can still be played for those that don’t want those updates, so I’d rather projects embrace changing things up slightly. Make Falcoknights have their FE4-style weapon ranks (Sword/Lance/Staff) to give that option some utility (and have healing run off of Res to make use of the fact that that’s basically what the promotion is normally good for contributing?) and make Dragonmasters the pure-physical promotion, and, again, let the player pick between them? (Or make Dragonmaster Axe-only instead of Axe/Lance and go Sword/Lance for Falco?)

You’re already changing a few things, so you might as well embrace that aspect where you can and where it makes sense to do so. :man_shrugging:


What exclusive weapon was Caeda supposed to have cause I didn’t know there was one since you mentioned it : (