Lord Disappears

sorry for the inconvenience but I have a little problem and my lord character disappears after chapter 1 of FE8 does not appear in my units when managing objects and when I reach chapter 4 it disappears completely

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What are you using? FEbuilder? Or something else? Did you change anything for the first chapter, such as unit (fe8’s first chapter has 2 parts. The first is the cutscene with Eirika and Seth moving, then it loads the units for the chapter)

Did you change who your lord character is? Is it still Eirika or another character (check for duplicates where that character might be reused during another chapter and it might have caused them to disappear)? Did you make any changes to the chapter story (such as deleting a character placement for the chapter. If a character that is suppose to join your unit is erased or not allow to load in the beginning like say during a cutscene and you used FEBuilder’s skip cheat, that character will not appear in the roster even if shown in later cutscenes)? Is it just for that file/save of yours and was it always like this or only after a certain change you did?

My suggestion would be to open a fresh version of FE8 and then just compare the two and see what is the change that you did that might have caused the problem, if it is just simple changing of character and slight change to the story. Otherwise more extensive changes might be harder to figure out without more details.

Well, basically they fit Ericka’s perosnes of class and portrait by a special class mounted on the lord Erika and add more characters (I made Mulder and Vannesa appear before to change their class) along with an extra one

Could you post a report.7z file? It’s a bit hard to figure out what the root issue is since there’s not much detail, and it would be easier to solve the issue if we could reproduce it ourselves.

Here’s a link to the instructions if you don’t know how to create a report.7z: en:guide:febuildergba:report7z [FE改造wiki] (ngmansion.xyz)

Gracias intentaré hacerlo mañana