Looping music in Mac

As we all know, looping music is as simple as adding two cues “[” & “]” in Anvil Studio. However, Anvil Studio only runs on Windows, and Mac OS Catalina has compatibility problems with Mono, Wine, Crossover and so on. I don’t think it is worth installing virtual machine just for such a small thing.

Alternative 1
If the song only has 1 track, then just edit the .s file directly. It is quicker than opening another software.

Alternative 2
Hack mid2agb to loop music automatically. Here is it.

Alternative 3
Use an alternative to Anvil Studio to add “[” & “]”. It is difficult to find a “new cue” button in other midi editors, but in fact, it needn’t to be a cue. By reading source code, I find that any special event like Marker/Text/Cuepoint works, as long as its name is “[” or “]”. Then it is simple, because most DAWs support markers. For example:

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