Looking to Commission Map Makers for FEGBA (Paid)

I’m looking to hire short-term help for a Romhack I would like to create with monetary pay to the creator. Most requested maps have to be made with playability (general vision of map having enough freedom to warrant two to three strategies for variety in gameplay i.e. not simply being chokehold maps) loosely in mind. Keyword is loosely. You do not have to design my hack for me and make the map with every single little unit placement in mind. I struggle with making good looking AND playable maps and would just like room to work. Maps are preferably created exclusively for my project and not used in any free-use posts. Maps need to be compatible with FEGBA and in the FE8 pallet. If interested, please contact me on Discord @MontyMoops #3125 or email@ MontyMoopsBusiness@gmail.com .
I have five map scenarios in mind:

-Mid-sized town under siege by bandits in the marketplace in daytime. Circular-esc. Units start from inside and fend off waves from the outside surroundings.

-Nighttime forest, ambush by assassins. Smaller map. Vertical in movement flow for units. Two units start in a hot-zone surrounded by enemy units, boss unit/elite units are around two turns further up. The rest of the player army starts further south and works their way up.

-Inside of an arena, Coliseum. Chapter is more lore and a novelty, and considering the location the layout would likely be plain (ex. Awakening Chapter 4), but would like the layout spacious enough so the clash of units is distanced enough to warrant some level of strategy and not just a mosh pit of units. Cutscenes also take place within the fighter’s living quarters, an entrance to the arena, and audience seating would surround a side of the arena. I would prefer most of these on the same map as this scenario despite it not being accessible, but if it is more reasonable and not too much work to split these areas that would also be acceptable.

-Regal homestead. Mid-sized map. Flow is East to West. Player units start on grassy plains: “Yard/Garden”, and make their way toward a manor. West side has castle interior, three allied units start in a hot-zone and fend off enemy units until the player army arrives.

-Cultist temple. Small map, big enough to fit screen. Looks Dragon’s Gate/ Final FE8 chapter-esc. Cutscene only. Just needs to look good, no gameplay in mind needed for the creation of this one.

This is the first set which are scenarios I am positive are happening. If I progress, as in I full-scope complete these chapters, then I will put the request out for another wave.


Why aren’t you using any of the excellent, FREE community posts?

A: I know this site is full of generous creators that contribute to the community. First of all, thank you all for that! I’d like commissioned maps for uniqueness to my project, I wouldn’t like to use a map that’s already been used in another successful hack. I know many projects have their betas/ rough drafts, but game design/event programming is not yet a strong suit of mine so I would not like to waste my time doing that for a map I’ll be changing out. This way, I don’t have to twist the story I have in mind to suit the maps I’m borrowing and I can compromise as little as possible.

Who are you and why are you outsourcing?

A: My online name is Monty, I’m a huge FE fan that’s mostly non-vocal about that so I don’t have much of an online presence here. Before I was out of school I spliced GBA FE sprites for fun and dreamed of creating my own hack. Past-graduation however, I had grown busy with my adult life and job so I was unable to work on these hobbies and experimenting with FEGBA as frequently as I used to. It took me insane amounts of time to progress by myself, that fact combined with my work schedule proved very discouraging. Map making is not a passion of mine, but I find it vital, so I would love to get help with that so I can work on the parts I’m passionate about in my free time and not feel daunted.

What parts are you making and not making?

A: I’m very passionate about writing, so the script and dialogue programming are handled by me. As I mentioned earlier, I spliced sprites for fun so most new sprites will be by me. I have rough knowledge with those parts in FEGBA so I know I can at least do real progress on those. Event programming is something that was difficult for me, but I’ll likely have to deal with that myself as I find that hard to outsource easily. Balancing will also be something I need help with down the line but I find that non-essential at this stage.

I don’t think I’ll be able to handle Map Creation, Battle Sprites, or Music. Battle Sprites and Music I do not find a priority if development is in the early stages. Maps I do find important, hence my post. Someday if things go well I’ll look for help with these parts, likely paying, but if anyone would like to advertise their services please send me an email/ DM.

What is your hack about?

A: My hack is a post-FE6 campaign starring Dieck. The plot is about the Dieck Mercenaries being caught in a conspiracy of the Black Fang reforming after Shanna and the sacred weapon Maltet are kidnapped. With Roy being sidelined at Bern’s courts in order to help Guinivere ascend the throne and keep the peace, Dieck has to sort out the situation and also face remnants of his past.

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Do you have a dev team?

A: Nope! Just me. Like I said earlier, I do not have much of an online presence in FE Communities so there’s really nobody I know that I can ask for help. It’s unrealistic if I come out guns blazing and ask who’d like to join me, a newbie, in making a hack. And unless they are just as passionate about FE6 as I am, I’d feel really guilty about bothering them. If I can create a quality start and gain traction, if someone would like to help I’d be more open to it. (But if for some reason you are INSANE and would like to help, please message me. Even if you’d just like to talk about my story that would be nice :slight_smile: )


Since you never listed out pricing I just threw in my own personal data.

Sent you a friend request to show some work.

Wow. Really overwhelmed by the interest here. This community is really something special. Thank you so much everyone! I’ll be responding to everyone promptly.

Thank you so much for linking me! Very impressed by your work. I am talking with other kind users here, and I will be sure to contact you to fill in the gaps of what I’ll still need after discussion.

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I believe I’ve added you back! Let me know if I haven’t.

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