A topic about map related stuff

boom first post gawn

i make maps and tilesets and stuff
i take requests, sometimes they are not free (usually if it’s a lot of work)

Re: commission stuff
Gba-style maps (normal/premade tileset): ~$20 hourly; first map is free unless it’s some behemoth
Custom tileset: $1 per custom tile flat
Custom palette: $5 hourly

World map: ~$30 hourly (I use the program Wonderdraft)

As I do not work with GBA much anymore I’m not responsible for inserting anything into GBA outside of palettes (included in that hourly)

here are some maps

Fractured Realms


Map Contests


Monthly Map Challenge Thing


that’s it bye


The names you give your maps are fantastic~
The gate built into the mountain in Cats With Unicycles seems strange.
Also, Discourse resized the image boo.

eh, I guess it’s all right because you can click on the images and they’ll be sized correctly.
that gate thing was probably supposed to be a mine I think, but who knows I always make stuff on a whim

and thank you, every name has a meaning
just kidding

bump new map
i’m starting to realize the more I do, the less they look like the originals…

also like all of the first 7 maps are 16x12; the standard size for AW it appears

The roads on the reddish palette are way bright. I mean really bright. You should ask Feaw to tone it down.

Hmm, I somewhat disagree but I’ll mess around with them(he’s not going to be active anytime soon so I’ll have to do the editing).

love your maps as always kitty, reminds me that my maps are leagues behind your’s in comparison.

idk if i’d say leagues
more like
idk feet? inches? lol
centimeters for you europeans

canada isn’t really a place, despite what canadians think

an Canadians technically

biggity bump

funny how the only topic i’ve been consistent with is on a forum that doesn’t look at art haha

…i’m still not going to make a new sprite topic on sf

whoa just realized the last two maps almost mesh into each other perfectly

extend o vision o a map?


I look at your art i just don’t have any critique to offer :stuck_out_tongue:

Jubbs you’re awful but I love you so it doesn’t matter

also bump new map

I like it. Though the arena needs to watch out during high tide o:

Maybe the arena accommodates for high tide with a modified battle field, who knows that’s the fun

i wish I could actually do that though

they could have mock sea battles at high tide (they did flood the coliseum in rome to do mock sea battles in ye olden times)

in the process of updating all the AW maps with units and a new map is up as well

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new maps I said
what a liar I am
…I’ll do something soon probably, more AW more than likely

trying to do a map a day with possibly the same general tileset for the month
who knows how long this will last