Looking for specific types of Hackroms to play

I make this thread cause I have very specific likes at the time of playing a hack. So in gonna list how are the hacks I like , the hacks I’m looking for to play for someone tell me about a hack that match with the description.
Feel free to use this thread to ask about hacks you like to play too.

I’m looking for hack that needs to have all of the following requirements yes or yes

-FE8 hacks

  • Language ( Spanish, English or Japanese either )
  • Completed or WIP
  • Non PME
  • Non Reskin
  • Non Rebalanced

So I want to play a hack with the specific themes I’m gonna list now. One or more of them.

-All units ( classes ) or most of the units be unique and different, never seen before on FE official games. If they are the same vanilla class but with a different name and graphic it’s accepted too. (like Bloodline)

  • Games where the main characters are non human creatures. Monsters, demi humans. ( Like Tierra Maldita, Monster Smash )

  • Games that aren’t originally fire emblem but are on a fire emblem hack ( Like Pokemblem, Wizards and Magic )

  • FE games from others consoles but in FE8 ( like Sacred Echoes )

Please if someone knows other games like these please tell me
Those are the ones I like to play
Thanks for reading

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Oh, uhm… My hack Celestaris actually has a lot of unique character classes, not absolutely everyone, but there is hardly class overlap out of 42 playable characters (And more than half have classes not from Fire Emblem anyways) as well as a lot of characters not just being humans (Elves and demi humans and all that).

I’m not sure on any others though since I’m more obsessed with making stuff than I am playing things these days, sorry.

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Demi Humans ( Furry alert ! ) Lol
I want to play it for sure :3 thanks for replying to me
And I also like your nick
One of my favorite female characters of all of games is Velvet Crowe /Crown from ToBerseria and yes I love demi humans
So thanks again
I hope you like the demo humans in my game when I implement more of them
Sadly the majority are enemy classes :'/
But there are a couple of surprises I have kept for further on WnM that may likes to you ^^

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Velvet Crowe is awesome! …buuut the name isn’t from her, hehehe.
I played your thing a bit ago and had some fun with it! Good luck on furthering it all!
Have fun if you do end up playing~

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I think you would like Fire Emblem Storge, it’s only 5 chapters long and has many unique units you can use like a Bael, a Master Knight, a Staff Armor and a Camel Rider: Fire Emblem: Storge [COMPLETE]

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Well, the only two I can think of are ZeN’s FE6 in FE8 project if you haven’t already played that.

Unfortunately there is only one hack I know of that fits this criteria but it also is technically a reskin/rebalance due to actually making everything in FE8 work in this context. Which you already know of being Monster Mash.

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