Looking for someone with remaking a music for a battle theme

Hello everyone, i’m looking for someone who is able to remake the battle theme from Final Fantasy VIII of Edea battle theme.

If someone is able to do it, i’ll gladly accept his help.




If by remaking you mean making a MIDI so that it can be inserted into GBA, then sure! Premonition is one of my favorite FF8 tracks.

One question, is it okay if I skip straight to the main part of the song (1:19)? Because no FE battle will ever last for long enough for that part of the song to play.


Yes sure that’s when serious things begin at 1:19 anyway ^^

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Great! I’ll start tomorrow then! :smiley:

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there is this one below aswell which is interested for an Invasion or Rebellion theme.

I know Midnight Sun used a version of that back when it was a Fire Emblem hack. Maybe you could go looking for the midi Alfred used?

Premonition is complete!
Click here to download .s
Click here for preview

To install it into the game, go into FEBuilder and into the “Song tracks” section. Then, click on the “Import file” button to insert the .s file. From there you can also change volumes and instruments, for example if you don’t like the chiptune synth.

Certain parts of the midi are from the Bitmidi page, so credits to them too. Finally, it’s your choice if you want to make it free to use (Meaning anyone can use it in their hack).

Good luck!


Of course it’s F2U i created the topic, i didn’t send a pm to someone so ofc if anyone want to use it go for it.

Thanks man btw you rock !

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