Looking for someone who has technical expertise with ASM, FEBuilder, Skillsys, Menu Construction

Howdy, I’m Epholo8, your favorite wolfgirl enthusiast :wave:

To the shock of no person, I’ve been working on a romhack for quite some time. While I haven’t necessarily kept it a secret, I’ve only revealed bits and pieces of it to those close to me. That isn’t set to change any time soon, in truth. As is likely common, I’m ambitious in my own ways, and that ambition doesn’t exactly translate to hacking skill - obviously.

I’ve picked up quite a bit of hacking ability, to be sure. I’m not inept, at minimum. However, when it comes right down to it, there are a great many things I don’t know how to do - that I would love to learn how to do.

Essentially what I’m aiming to say here is this:

I’d love to find and work with someone who has general expertise in some important aspects of FEhacking. I would be able to learn from this person and talk to them directly about the feasibility of certain ideas as they pop up.

I’ll list some criteria below that I’d particularly like covered, but first and foremost - I want to say that if I am able to find someone to essentially be my one-on-one consultant on all matters FE-hacking, I’m willing to pay that person commission to fill this role for me - so long as we can find an agreeable price that is fair to you and not devastating to my capability to send Glaceo to college through all the art commissions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
(I also generally enjoy things such as eating food and paying bills on the side, as it were)

What I am specifically looking for is someone who can display most of the following:

  • Practical experience that I could see prior to paying for anything.
  • Deep knowledge of FEBuilder and the capability to teach the more advanced features of it.
  • Strong understanding of ASM and the capability to explain it to me in-depth.
  • Proficient understanding of miscellaneous software that are related to the romhacking process.
  • Strong knowledge of the limits of ROMs, FEBuilder, GBAFE, etc.

and NOTABLY, someone who can:

  • Interact with Skillsys and ASM to create new assets and edit existing ones.
  • Move, edit, and reassign elements of the menus/stat screens and create new pieces for them.
  • Be patient and not demeaning, as I will likely have many suggestions or ideas that I’ll wish to run by you.
  • Keep learned details of my game confidential.

Experience with Buildfiles and the ability to explain literally all of that from base level 0 is a major plus as well, though I am not necessarily planning on making my game with Buildfiles, just because I love FEBuilder’s very visual hacking.

All in all, I’m not asking for someone who will do things for me, mostly. I would certainly deeply appreciate someone who could make and implement some technical assets for me, for pay of course. My primary objective is to learn for myself and to have somebody that I can bounce ideas and thoughts off of when I get some crazy idea going that I am uncertain about.

By no means is a perfectly professional relationship required here. I am much less formal when I’m not essentially writing out a part-time job description lol. I spend so much time at work that I have a hard time keeping active with the community. I mostly just wanted to circumnavigate asking some simplistic version of what I mean to say in the FEU Discord and risk getting a flippant or rude response due to not having a ton of work I want to freely show, in a community that I do not actively spend time in - if that makes sense.

For all that I am sorry, and because of that, I wasn’t sure of a better way to go about this. I should note, due to work, I would say that I won’t be constantly capable of learning and may essentially just be asking for a buddy with more know-how than me who is willing to sit down and help me over text some weekends, and maybe take on the odd ASM job here and there.
…And definitely suffer the odd stupid question here or there on any given day, at any given time. Don’t worry, I’m not asking for instant or speedy response times :stuck_out_tongue:

Please feel free to share this post, as I won’t be simply working off of “first come, first served” in this endeavor. I want to find someone that I can work with on the long term in order to create a game that I love, to be shared with those who love the same things I do.

I will keep an eye on this post of course, but the most reliable way to contact me is via Discord @Epholo8#5358

Thank you for your time!

(I’ll link a couple of twitter posts to prove that things actually exist lol)


Honestly, if you go to the discord and ask questions, you’ll get responses to these.

The community’s knowledgeable and you’re more likely to get regular responses on the questions you’re looking to get answers for there without needing to pay someone.

I don’t think anyone will be rude or flippant to you for asking a question as long as you’re polite, ask them in the right channel, and are willing to show parts of your own work as necessary to get an idea of what you actually need support with (if more than just general understanding of ASM or a feature of FEBuilder). Can say pretty confidently that no one in the server that’s offering help cares about what the project entails as long as it isn’t against the rules, so don’t sweat spoilers and things like that.

A lot of the questions you’re looking for help with are likely general enough that asking the help chat will be sufficient.

Hope that helps. Good luck.


In an effort to keep things simplistic, I’ll just say that I would prefer to not do as you have suggested. No offense to anybody in particular, I just don’t feel comfortable posting openly in the atmosphere that I’ve perceived. I’m willing to accept that there may be any number of reasons I could be wrong in my assessment. It’s also accurate to say, however, that what I have seen is what has led me to this course of action.

I’d rather talk to somebody one-on-one, as a personal preference. It’s partially just a comfort thing on my end, and if ultimately nothing comes of this as a result of my own hardheadedness, then I’ll reap what I sow.

I realize that my being ambiguous could be seen as offputting in its own right. I’ll be straightforward in saying that my game doesn’t contain things like gore, excessive profanity, bigoted language/behavior being displayed as virtuous, and so on. I’m happy to explain in more depth with any person that may be willing to work with me.

Apologies for being difficult, but thank you for the reply, it is appreciated.

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Have you considered hiring Pikmin1211?


Thank you for referencing me to this post! I’ll be sure to consider hiring Pikmin 1211 :sparkling_heart:


Upon thinking about it further, perhaps I would be better off just attempting to commission out the work for the particularly difficult elements that I wouldn’t know how to do. If anyone’s open to doing a few ASM and Skillsys commissions, I’ll also happily discuss that.

I also take commissions of you want to dm me about it. But I am pretty busy irl, so making hacks probably has a week or so delay.

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Thank you, I appreciate your response. I’ll be sure to send a message when I’ve got some spare time :sparkling_heart: