Looking for artists to help make CGs for Four Kings sequel

Hey. I’m currently working on a sequel to my previous hack, The Four Kings. This hack is significantly more story-focused than the first game, and I’ve already written out the fully script for it. One thing I would really really really like to have for this hack is semi-frequent CG artwork. I’m terrible at art though, so I need help if I’m gonna have these at all. I don’t need anything extremely detailed or ambitious. I was thinking just black and white stuff, kinda like a comic. I figured I’d ask here, since otherwise I might end up just commissioning a lot of stuff. If you’re interested in helping out, let me know.

you’d have to commission me but I’ll do it for free if you smash a lot of queerness into the story


Two of the main dudes do become a couple through the course of the story. One of the CGs I wanted was actually them kissing. But there’s a lot more CGs than just that one to do.

I don’t mind drawing whatever content in the CGs, I just crave a hack with more than one gay ending that is undeniable and not just Your Dads Hooked Up (which is for some reason a trope). Also the Return of Harriett is on my wishlist :star_struck:

But yeah, it’d cost some nominal amount of money to get me to do things if I don’t have an almost memetic fondness for a project - which to be fair, doesn’t require slamming LGTV everywhere, but I dunno how you’d fit mechas or idols into an FE romhack

Yeah, I already have the script fully written, so I dunno about making any additions like that, haha. But if you’re interested, feel free to come by my discord and we can talk further. Krash's Bar and Grill