Looking for a combination hack of Eliwood and Hector mode that may or may not exist

Hey, I’m both new here and to the overall hacking scene, so I apologize for any ignorance I might have.

I have a friend who’s playing through all the fire emblem games from FE1 to Three Houses and they’re nearing FE7. Since they’ll kinda grinding through the games to get through them all he doesn’t really wanna play through a game twice just to experience both modes. So, I was wondering if there was a hack/mod out there that had the Eliwood story beats and focus, but included the extra Hector mode maps? That way he could experience the main story, but also play the extra maps and get Farina and Karla. If it doesn’t exist I either will just have him play Eliwood mode or sit down and figure out how to make the hack myself.


This might be what you’re looking for.

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