Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade - Routemerge

Inspired by the Fire Emblem 8 - Route Fusion hack by Merpin and caused by a request to make Hector-exclusive maps accessable in Eliwoodmode, I present this neat little thing.

Routemerge picture

What is this?

This is a patch that unifies the content of both Eliwoodmode and Hector Mode a little bit. Not everything was moved to keep the modes somewhat destinctive, but all chapters are available except the startingchapter of the mode you are not playing.

How was this made?

I used an as of now unreleased mid-revision of my Enhancementpatch that is currently redacted for some planned reworks to how I handle the project. I always use my patch as a baserom because I already applied many fixes and patches to it and I do not want to do it over. However, all the bits that might interfere with normal gameplay or storyreading were reverted to vanilla FE7-status.

The forced character-lists were applied using Nintenlords Character-forcer.

What changes for Eliwood-mode?

-Talons Alight, Crazed Beast, the Berserker, A Glimpse in Time and The Value of Life are now accessable.
-Due to their unimportant status in the story, Talons Alight and Crazed Beast are now sidequests in Eliwood Mode.
-A cut-down version of hector suddenly coming into the beginning event of Imprisoner of Magic appears.
-The dialogue between Uther and Hector at the end of Kinships Bond now appears to clue the player into their dynamic.
-Minor pieces of the subplot of Uther dying now appear in Eliwood-mode. Though, Hector Mode still holds more content for the sole reason of keeping focus on Eliwood and giving a reason to play both modes.
-Karla now appears. And Bartre can talk to her…and the event after the fight works.(I kid you not, all three of these are locked to hector-mode despite only the first mattering. They really wanted to make sure here.)
-The Kishuna-cutscene in Genesis now plays because it has literally nothing to do with Hector’s perspective.

What changes for Hector-Mode?

-Valorous Roland is now accessable.
-The Hector Normalmode-Enemylayout in Valorous Roland was replaced with the one from Eliwood Normalmode.
-Lyns textbox after Jaffar is accepted into the team by hector at the end of Battle before Dawn was changed to better fit the context.(just making the routesplit less jarring)
-Serra and Matthew now flee at the beginning of Birds of a Feather like in Eliwoodmode for consistancy. Matthew’s Unitdata is not reset by this.

What changes globally?

-With both Valorous Roland and The Berserker happening in both modes, the End event of The Berserker was changed to fit the context. Also for the new context, some text from the beginning of Valorous Roland was moved here.
-The beginning of Noblelady of Caelin was slightly changed to fit the context of Talons Alight now canonically happening in both modes and the 5 day-timeskip being a bigger deal because of it.
-The dialogue of Eubans about having rebelled is unchanged. This was originally a translationerror in the english localisation and fixed by me, but now it is actually legit because Sealen attacks in both modes.

This should work without issue because I tested it pretty thoroughly, but knowing my luck, there were some fundamental flaws that I did not catch somehow.


Bugfixes: Eubans’ and Heath’s portraits are now properly erased after their conversation in Kinships Bond. Eliwood now starts in the proper location in Valorous Roland.

Textfixes: Fixed a translatoinerror in a Supportchain that flew under my radar for a long time. Fixed a typo I made in the Eliwood and Hector-A Support.

Creditsfixes: Fixed and updated the credits list contained in the ZIP, due to my incompetent self not managing to do it correctly the first time.

Enhancements: Now uses the fanmade Ranged-fix for the Sol Katti from the Repository. Players who customize their experience themselves now don’t have to go out of their way anymore to be able to give the thing more range.(But it changes nothing for casual hackplayers.)

Old versions

Version 1.1(Fixed):

Bugfixes: A Glimpse in Time was accidentially still blocked from appearing in Eliwood Mode

Version 1.0: [Redacted, because Dropbox automatically merged the download with 1.2. 1.1 is seperate due to a typo I made]


Cool, good work.

Whistle, well, wasn’t that a fast response to my request? Me gonna love this XD

Thank you very much, I’ll be testing it ASAP.

Question: The Transfer Data menu appears completely empty. Is it an error, or does it unlock after clearing the game or something?

I have no idea why it appeared while hacking, honestly. It just kinda did. The items in there are determined by the savedata, not the rom.

Yeah, I used a savegame from the normal rom and the transfer menu works normally there. That works for me, though. Sorry for the bother.

I played Talons Alight just fine, but I couldn’t access A Glimpse in Time despite managing to kill Kishuna. If I recall correctly you need to raise Nils at least to Level 7 in Lyn’s story to get to that one, right? For the record, I got him to level 8 by Chapter 10.

I actually made it so that only beating kishuna gets you into the chapter. The issue was that I forgot to remove this tiny little command in the endevent that checks for hectormode and kicks you out otherwise. Oops. Fixed patch will be up shortly.

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Checked and confirmed. Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Reporting another bug: in Kinship’s Bond, Eubans and Heath’s portraits don’t disappear after their conversation ends, and they’re still in the background while the action shifts back to the heroes.

Doesn’t interfere with the game, but I still feel it kinda weird. So far I’ve finished Eliwood Normal Mode and I’m halfway through Hector Normal Mode without a hitch.

Reporting a couple issues for “Valorous Roland” in Hector mode: during player phase the music played is “Friendship and Adventure” instead of the corresponding “Inescapable Fate”. Also, Hector and Eliwood’s starting positions in the map should be probably reversed, since Eliwood is locked on the left path as opposed to the center one where he should be.

I left the that is set everywhere vanilla, so that is just how it is. When it comes to the other one, are you playing normal mode or hard mode? Because I tested it before and eliwood spawned correctly for me.

I’m currently playing Hector normal mode. Though come to think about it, I also used Eliwood on The Berserker, and I put him on the 2nd slot, so that might have to do with it.