List an obscure Archetype or subarchetype, then members of that archetype

I’ll start: Lategame/Midgame promoted Staff user with bad stats (sometimes) for their level and growths. Examples: Boah, Wendel (to a degree) Nomah, Cecillia, Renault, Flora/Izana (to a degree)

Forgot Yoder from Fe6
and Claude from Fe4

Yep. I forgot

Here is a funny one…and Im thinking of a name for it…The “Big Brother”??? Archetype. Basically, its the prepromoted snipers you get that are big brothers, like Innes and Klein, to name a couple.

DAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Archetype. Those solid/bad pirates you get. Darros,Dart,Geitz,Ross(if you promote him), to name a few.

They don’t have to be a big brother. How about a Jeorge archetype?
Jeorge, Brigid, Idk about Thracia, Klein and possibly Igrene, Louise, Innes, Shinon

Young thief girls who claim to be Robin Hood-esque but are actually pretty selfish.

-Patty (FE4)
-Nina (Fates)

The Third Cavalier (aka the Frey archetype): Not Cain or Abel, but a third earlygame cavalier which may or may not lowkey belong to the duo. Includes Frey, Cecile, Finn (kinda), Lowen and Franz (and Kagero if you want to extend it to all Cain/Abel pairs)

I would say the mediocre female mage unit recruited midgame and is sometimes an Est, I don’t know if it’s really an obscure one though:
-Linde (FE1)
-Delthea (FE2)
-Tiltyu (FE4)
-Miranda (FE5)
-Lilina (FE6)
-Nino (FE7)
-Ilyana (FE9)

Cecille Archetype: Usually a female starting party member, usually has bad growths/bases, rarely good.
Cecille (FE3)
Tanya (FE5)
Rebecca (FE7)
Norne (FE11)

Huh? Cecille is brilliant.

The fire emblem archetype: the game is fire emblem
Fire emblem 1
Fire emblem 2
Fire emblem 3
BS Fire emblem
Fire emblem 4
Fire emblem 5
Emblem saga
Fire emblem 6
Fire emblem 7
Fire emblem 8
Fire emblem 9
Fire emblem 10
Fire emblem 11
Fire emblem 12
Fire emblem 13
Fire emblem 14
Fire emblem 15


what about: Girl Gordin XD

Gordin Archetype: Archer that comes early on, bad bases, meh to garbage growths
Gordin (FE1/3/11/12)
Mini Gordin (FE3/12, Ryan’s actually decent but they fill the same role, much better in 12)
Tanya (FE5)
Wolt (FE6)
Wil & Rebecca (FE7)
Neimi (FE8)
Leonardo (FE10)
Virion (FE13)

Add Setsuna and maybe Wolt

My Man!!!

Don’t forget our Bronan (FE5)

My Rebecca had capped strength, speed, and Defense. Just me? I guess i was just RNG blessed

Yes. Yes you were XD

Plus Sophia…although most debate she is an est. If you are going for the bad ending, Sophia is an est. However, if you are going for the best ending, then Fae is the est.