List an obscure Archetype or subarchetype, then members of that archetype


Fae is a strange est. You feed her, but then she stops doing anything


Like Tiki in Shadow Dragon, but at least she has a spare firestone (Battle for Altea: Enemy Manakete drops it) to fall back on if you broke Ban-Ban’s Firestone.


The sassy healer lady thats way to self-involved: Serra, Clarine probably more that im missing


Don’t forget Lissa, Elise, Azama, Malicia, and Lar’archel


Eh, I wouldn’t really count Sophia as a unit.


Triggered Thats my waifu your talking about


Well, do you count her as a good unit?


I think Sophia can be a good unit if you favorite her for a few chapters or arena abuse her to catch up.

Regardless, What about the Experienced Mercenary type; The guys who’ve been working for a while and know a lot about life, normally shown through their supports.

Saber? (Haven’t played Echoes, but he may be a smart guy in it)
(Haven’t played 5, can’t think of one for 4)
(Haven’t played any new FE past FE9)


Isn’t the ogma archetype a thing?


yes. it is