[Lex Talionis] Fire Emblem 8 Reimagine/Resource (Final Beta Pt.1 released!)

Hello! :smiley: :wave: I am new here, but have been a frequent visitor over the past year. I’ve seen so many cool creative projects and it has inspired me to try my hand in it as well. I’ve decided to make Fire Emblem 8 for the LT engine and have that as a base for others to help if they want to try to make their own twist on it as well. :slightly_smiling_face: I am a novice when it comes to stuff like this I hope this can be useful to someone out there in the future.

My reimaging does not change anything story wise, it will be as close to vanilla FE8 as I can get it, but gameplay wise I am adding things that I want to add to it for fun and what I can do with my capacity with the engine. It is not meant to be balanced in any way, just meant to be fun, and probably have a power fantasy lol. The changes I am planning I am implementing for now includes.

  • 3 Tiers of promotions (Trainees are Tier 0. Then goes to 1, 2, then 3)

  • Every promotion has 3 branches to choose from.

  • Casual mode by default for Normal mode until can get everything coded out.

  • Fixed growth mode by default for normal.

  • Swords are light, increase speed by one, and have a brave effect if your AS is 8 more than your enemy’s

  • Lances reduce damage based on a unit’s skill

  • Axes reduce defense by 2 per hit until next turn. Higher tier axes reduce more.

  • Light has range from 1 to 3, and easier to Crit.

  • Anima is 1 range, but deals splash damage.

  • Bows have 2-3 range and have advantage over magic. Want to learn how to decrease HIT over longer distances.

  • Dark is 1-2 range, and reduces Res by 2 until next turn. Higher tier spells reduce more.

  • Promotion only occurs automatically when a unit levels up past LV. 20 (EXP is increased to compensate.)

  • Status Boosters and Promotion items now are accessories that increase stats when held.

  • Pair up and Attack/Guard stance are in game.

  • Each class gets two skills.

****Certain weapons like Javelins, handaxes, killer weapons, etc. run on a cooldown system with the number on the right indicating how many turns need until can use again. You must manage what weapons you should use on either phase and can bait enemies out of their weapon. Normal weapons have a higher value for both phases now. :slight_smile: *****

A Couple Screenshots

New Spell Animation

Credits will be included once finished. I want to give credit to each person that deserves it. So far all the resources have been found from the FEU Repo. Special thanks go to Beccarte, Vicious Sal for inspiring me to do this project. Please try out their projects that they are making for this community :grinning: If there is any questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out. Thank you so very much!

If a character on the world map doesn’t seem to move, click on the character and other nodes a couple of times and then it should work.

[Link to Beta]FE8RBetaP1.zip - Google Drive

Link to join the FE8R Discord Community Server



Salutations! :wave: I have worked far enough that I’m releasing the Alpha demo and looking for playtesters if they are willing to help :slight_smile: Up to chapter 5x is playable. There is still so much work that needs to be done, but at least it should hopefully be faster from here out :slight_smile: I’m mostly looking for crashes for now, since balance can be fine tuned as get closer to the Beta. Thank you :pray::pray::pray:


[FE8R Link]


Hey! Love the concept for this, big fan of tier 3 classes and messing around with weapons and mechanics to make them more interesting. Definitely going to be trying it out!

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot! :pray::grin: My friend pointed out the original link didn’t work, so I’m updating it now so it should work. If it doesn’t please let me know! It should be updated to the end of Chapter 8 as well!

So trying to think of all the thoughts I had. On chapter 4, gotta say I’m absolutely loving it. The modern weapons with no uses, spells, and pair up and attack/guard are all awesome features. I’m a big fe10 fan so three classes super cool, and like how it’s only a level for trainees so you don’t have to slog training them as well as them being able to promote in map.

For bugs, my game has randomly crashed a couple times. One was when looking at supports and the other was when just playing the map. It’s hard to know though because my computer is older and it was hot so not sure if it’s game-related or user error. I thought there was an issue with throwing weapons because of the “0” uses but I’m guessing now that’s a feature so they can’t be used in enemy phase which is really intuitive.

So only real error I’m picking up right now is that you can see Ephraim and Fado in the preparation screen. With Ephraim it shows stats and his prf weapon, with Fado it just has 0 on all stats.


Ok so you can deploy Ephraim which I wanted to see and so far no issues to the game running when you do this. But this led me to discover when you click “load game” you can see your latest file, but when you hit “restart chapter” it shows me chapter 1, not 4 which is my current chapter.

So I seem to be hitting a game error. Chapter 4 ends for me when L’arachel and her peeps show up. Don’t know if it has something to do with deploying Ephraim, but wanna say it happened even when he wasn’t deployed.

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Thank you so much for the feed back so far! It is such a huge help when it comes to development :grin::pray: I’m glad you are enjoying it so far! I’m glad you are liking the features :slight_smile: On this last update I did I did implement a new cool down feature on the more powerful weapons/throwing weapons. That’s why you saw that 0/1 on there. Sorry I forgot to mention that haha :sweat_smile: Stuff like the Killing edges and throwing weapons have a 1 turn cool down so you have to think about using them more tactfully or try to bait out enemy’s range weapons. So far I have the legendary weapons set to either a 2 or 3 turn cool down, but we’ll see on that :thinking: Let me know how you feel about Mages and their anima magic with the splash damage. I wanted to nerf anima magic a bit since they are pretty much the go to in the GBA games while giving them a cool niche :thinking:

Thanks for letting me know on the crashes on bugs, so far that is the biggest thing I’m looking for right now. Once I finish with making all the chapters I can work ironing out the bugs. So as much information on crashes is a big help :pray: Supports are enabled, but not injected yet, so that’s probably why that is crashing.

I was hoping this update would get rid of the Ephraim and Fado problem, but I guess not yet :thinking: When I was making the classes I put a certain tag called “required” which I think is causing them to join the party when they aren’t supposed to yet. So I’ve got to look deeper into that.

The save file issue is new to me, so thank you for pointing that out. :slight_smile: I’m not sure what is causing that. I might have to ask the discord group about that one. Might need to have two save files just in case. The demo also ends right at the end of Chapter 8 just FYI. I am done with 9A and staring on 9B to see if the path splitting works correctly. I can get about either half a chapter or a whole chapter done in a day all by myself so I hope to be done by January or so.

Also there may be a file in the folder called the debug.log that might help figure out what the crashes are :thinking: I’ll have to double check. If not, just kind of keep an eye out for when it does. I know a common one is animation crashes :thinking:

Thanks again so much! You’re the first to give me any feedback and it has been very encouraging for me to keep going :grin:

Glad to help projects like this one are amazing and happy to be a part of it. :grin: Unfortunately, I made another save to try and get past the L’arachel point in chapter 4 but I haven’t been able to, still crashes whenever it prompts here to speak I think so can’t play past there for the moment. I’m looking for a debug.log file but unfortunately can’t find it. Can’t wait to play more of it though and if I figure out how to get past that or find the debug file I’ll post it.

Had this thing on the side, looks like its an error loading L’arachel’s portrait.

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Thanks again so much :pray: That’s weird with the chapter 4 glitch :thinking: I’ll see if I can recreate that and fix it. I should be finishing up with chapter 9B today so I’ll put up the update today if I can fix that glitch as well. The biggest thing with this update will be to make sure the path splitting works as intended :thinking: That is the biggest thing I’m unsure of if it works or not right now haha :sweat_smile: There is a chance you might have to start over again, but at least you’re not too far in haha :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I’ll just rush through the beginning again. No big deal. Definitely curious to see how path splitting works, anima magic, new promo options, etc. Loving all the different skills, especially armor march, making Gilliam one of my faves :grin:.

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Sounds good :slight_smile: Sorry it took me so long to finish today ^.^; It took me longer than I thought to get 9B animated and going haha ^.^; That chapter 4 bug should be fixed now. I was able to replicate it and figure out the problem, and fix it. Ross being Lv. 10 was actually a goof on my part, he is supposed to be Lv. 1, so I fixed that ^.^; He has Paragon so it shouldn’t be as bad to train him though. The path spilt is just the normal vanilla FE8 path split for Eirika/Ephraim, but I might try to right new base conversations for the different paths to add more Lore :slight_smile: Ephraim’s path for now cuts straight to his chapter though, so I’ve got to figure out how to let him get to the overworld map first sometime. Also I counted all the playable classes I have down and it ended up being around 150 so that should hopefully be fun haha XD Glad to hear about Gilliam :slight_smile: I’m giving armors better skills to make them hopefully more viable and having knight Amelia be an actual good choice as well haha XD

I updated the first post so the new link should be down at the bottom of it. If you run into any new glitches or crashes, please let me know :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:

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Will do! Super excited to go through them and experiment with anima magic. Curious about the tier 2 and 3 classes too. Can’t wait to get further in the game and experiment with them :grinning:. No apologies I’m impressed with how many new projects are coming out right now and the progress you’re making is really quick. Will do with the glitches or crashes! Can’t wait to play the rest of them, probably tonight or sometime :grin:, will report back :saluting_face:.

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Thanks! :pray: Glad to see your excitement after all the work I’ve put into this haha :laughing: I’m hoping players will be able to reach Tier 3 since FESS isn’t the longest FE game :thinking: The final version is gonna have a lot more enemies so hopefully it should be possible. Or I can lower the Level cap I suppose :thinking:

With anima magic, I’m on the fence whether the splash damage should only happen once even when double striking, or twice if double striking :thinking: At least numbers like that are easier to change haha.

Roger Roger :+1: I’ll be working while waiting for your report :pray:

Soo, running into a little error and cannot seem to get past the world map loading for chapter 2 :sweat_smile:. But I did try to import saves before I ended up deleting them to start a new game, tomorrow I’ll redownload everything fresh and see if that fixes it :grin:

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Yeah, the overworld function on this engine is still really buggy unfortunately :sweat_smile: I believe because you’re using the imported saves it doesn’t take in factor the other overworld stuff to be unlocked in the code. So starting from the beginning should resolve those issues since it will unlock the nodes properly for the code to run later. :thinking:

If it still does that after restarting from the beginning then I’ll take a look at it and see if I can fix that haha :sweat_smile:

Also, I believe that restart level issue may be due to my test saves when I’m debugging the game. Those files seem to influence the game when I export them. I may have to send you a file where I clear out my debugging saves to see if that clears any other issues.

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Ahh good to know about the debugging saves :grinning:. Unfortunately, I restarted it fresh and I’m still getting the overworld issue :sweat_smile:. It’s weird because I didn’t get it the first time so I don’t know.

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Yeah, that is weird.:thinking: When I get on my computer I’ll see if I can recreate it and fix it.

Good thing I woke up early this morning and got most of Chapter 10B done already haha xD Just need to do the outro and I’ll have more time to work on other stuff like supports haha

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Ok, I think I was able to fix the issue. I had to update the engine and then it seemed to work for me after that. The link will be updated now :+1: This one now includes chapter 10A/10B as well.

I swear the overworld map is gonna be the death of me haha ^.^;

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