Legacy of Legends(Srpg Studio Project)

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So I am sort of new to all of this putting things up for others to download so I may have done it wrong and I am not entirely sure if this is where I put this

So this is a little project I have been working on for about a year now and well it’s not finished yet but 11 of the 12 chapters so far are actually done( and by that I mean playable I need to do a few events for some of the earlier chapters) it was made in Srpg Studio and sort of based on Fe4 well a lot based on the story of part 1 is very identical well except for a few things but it is close. It does have child units I don’t have any replacement characters so you have to do the pairings if you want all the child characters. So yeah enjoy it if you want and yeah.


So, the link won’t work bro.

Dunno what I’d be getting into but some screenshots would help.

Yeah I don’t know how to do it properly first time doing this as I have said

I don’t mean to judge, but…

Please, NEVER use the portrait generator tool. I can recognize the clayfaces.