l95spoilingfates salt

literally nobody but nazirenes mods care though

is there a problem here

someone’s salty

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And once in a while, you get warning’d for the first time you post. #salt


yeah like literally everyone who doesn’t kiss ass for a living

hey man the second i found that out i fought for you haha


I had nothing to say on this matter, but I’m actually very interested in the topic being set up by this thread so can we refrain from kleaning each others’ kloks for once? That linguistics major-in-progress might finally pay off!.. Not really.

cut the salty shit out, it’s not relevant to the topic whatsoever

thanks to @Crazycolorz5 you all can continue


there is a special place in hell

So would the translation program handle stupid shit like this or not I wonder? :0

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I guess you did nаzi that suspension coming?


Once upon a time, I got warning’d for my first post on Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy. #salt

(but since we’re here, I’d like to reiterate that the translation idea sounds cool af and I’d like to see it tried out. If it crashes and burns or it’s awesome it’ll have an interesting result regardless)

Shh, the newbs here don’t remember 2007. They definitely don’t remember 2003. #FEW4Lyfe

I’ve actually heard that name whispered on quiet nights when the crickets aren’t chirping.

This is why I don’t write poems yes.

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Rebel crew 4 lyfe, all the way back to the beginning. Thank goodness someone else remembers Fire Emblem World.

i got warned for minimodding on sf lol #saltforest


um, I mean… /that/ FEU.

Much like the Sоuth, FEU is always trying to rise again.

It was the best forum. Not just because ‘it started everything’, but because it had some of the earliest minds in romhacks working there. Forblaze50 too, nobody remembers him. He actually moderated FEW for YEARS after the admin, Reaver, left. Last I saw him was at FEU 7 (jk it was FEU 2 but who keeps track anymore?) and I made some joke about him being a mod there. I recall him saying ‘never again’ and I literally never saw him again.

Sometimes I wonder if we can still see him posting under a secret alternate username.


One time, I got suspended for making an alt account with the username “Nayr” so he couldn’t change his name back. I was doing everyone a favor, really. #salt

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He’s the hero SF deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. An Arch knight.

i regret nothing