Kyrads Sprite Stuff

Hey my name is Kyrads, recently I’ve been dabbling in a little bit of spriting and such as part of my hacking work, primarily weapon icons but also the odd splice and given I’ve been steadily doing more and more spriting I decided to make a thread on the off chance some of my sprites might be useful to some people on FEU! I’m not primarily a spriter by trade so these may be a bit hit or miss in terms of quality and such but hey ho.

Anything I make is F2U and F2E unless specified otherwise, if you’re unsure just ask! I view my sprites as resources and given that my spriting is born out of the need to tweak stuff I didn’t like, maybe you’ll tweak mine to your preferences further!

Splices F2U/F2E
FE8 Style Female Generic Soldier
Generic FE8 Soldier F F2E (Kyrads)

FE7 Style Female Generic Soldier
Generic FE7 Soldier F F2E(Kyrads)


Post it here:

‘it’ as in like? the drive link? the splices? everything individually?

These are looking good!

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