Kaga Emblem V. 1.0 (cancelled)

Hey guys, today was the FEE3 presentation of the hack, check it out if you want to:

However, that also means I’m releasing the patches today:

English patch v 1.0.
Spanish patch v 1.0.
Both go up to chapter 10. Aply one of the patches to a clean, american FE8 rom.

Known issues

  • Sometimes the title screen can bug when you suspend the game. Just a graphical bug.
  • A very similar thing can happen to the status screen of a unit, tends to happen whenever someone gets rallied and the inmmediately you head over to the status screen. Again, it’s just a graphical bug.
  • At the end of chapter 8, if you select the second option of the rout split, then chapter 9 it’s gonna bug and you will not be able to progress the game, you must select the first option when the rout split begins. The game will notify you about this.

Be sure to report any bug or error that you find in this game.
Thanks for playing!


You should buff Tatsu

you should buff our hero Julio

Hola me gusto mucho el hack pero me encuentre un problema en la versión española y allí cuando voy al capítulo de la traición de kaga lleva directamente al mapamundi y no puedo continuar

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Me alegra que te haya gustado el hack.
Pero, ¿Podrías explicarme como ocurrió el problema? No he podido replicar el bug del que me hablas.
Tal vez se debe a que no parchaste el rom adecuado (tiene que ser un rom de FE8 americano).
De igual forma, si me puedes enviar tu save me sería de mucha ayuda.

Hola ya volví a parchear y parece que el problema se resolvió perdón si te cause algún susto por lo demás gracias por dar una gran aventura llena de risas con nuestros escla… digo compañeros de viaje y alabado sea kaga

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Is this hack completed with only 10 chapters?? or did it get abandoned?

Its not clear in the post.

I assume it’s complete, V. 1.0 usually means it’s the first full release, implying it’s a complete game.

edit: nvm

This hack is not complete, it’s cancelled. Neither me nor the other devs have plans to come back to it.

If any FEU mods can come here and lock this thread, I’d be very grateful. Thank you.