Kaga Emblem V. 1.0 (cancelled)

Hello everyone! My name is Renoud, and I’ve come here to present a hack that I’ve been working together with my friends for months. This hack is called Kaga Emblem

It’s an american FE8 romhack

So, what is this hack about? It focuses on our main character, Shouzou Kaga, shortly after his trial against Nintendo, he was captured by Intelligent Systems for abandoning them. Kaga manages to escape with the help of a few FE fans, and together they plan on taking back Intelligent Systems by themselves with the intention of “saving the franchise”.

This hack is being made on FEBuilder and has a pretty non-serious plot, so expect lots of memes, nonsensical stuff, and plot holes that the characters themselves acknowledge and make fun of. This hack also tends to make fun of a lot of the “elitism” accusations that the community tends to get every now and then.

This hack features:

  • Both an english and a spanish translation patch.
  • A team fully made out of prepromotes and some unique class units, all on level 20. Use whoever you want, whenever you want.
  • Circleseverywhere’s skill system, action after supports and talk, and select button danger zone patches.
  • Aera’s limitless trading patch.
  • Some added songs, not that many though, and Blazer’s all instruments patch.
  • Tequila’s battle stats with animations off patch.
  • FE5 style status staves.
  • After chapter 8, an FE2/FE15 style rout split where you control 2 parties simultaneously, you will automatically change parties every 2 chapters.
  • It does not have a world map.
  • Characters from various, different franchises. Not just from Fire Emblem.
  • And a lot of self insert characters, most of them coming from the Fire Emblem Latino: You Can (Not) Ban romhack.

Some screenshots:
KE6 Kaga%20Emblem%20English_01

FEE3 2019 Presentation:

Macko: (Part of the hacking team. Spriting, stats screen, map design, dialogue.)
Mr. Hat: (Part of the hacking team. Dialogue, character palettes.)
Tatsu: (Part of the hacking team. Playtesting.)
7743: FEBuilder.
Circleseverywhere, Blazer, Tequila, Alusq and Aera: Patches previously mentioned and some others.
The Blind Archer: Axe Wyvern Lord animation.
The facebook group FELatino: Feedback and support.
The private Discord server Kaga’s Dreamland (or KDL for short): Feedback, support and playtesting.
Kokué/MatonMx: Feedback, resources and support.
Raymerald: Support and resources.
And everyone else who I probably forgot.

Known issues

  • Sometimes the title screen can bug when you suspend the game. Just a graphical bug.
  • A very similar thing can happen to the status screen of a unit, tends to happen whenever someone gets rallied and the inmmediately you head over to the status screen. Again, it’s just a graphical bug.
  • At the end of chapter 8, if you select the second option of the rout split, then chapter 9 it’s gonna bug and you will not be able to progress the game, you must select the first option when the rout split begins. The game will notify you about this.

Thanks for reading!


Will probably definitely LP this when it arrives.

Will this have Pursuit Critical Coefficient?

Praise Kaga

Will this have playable bad axe users or no playable axe users?

it could also have stupid good axe users that come earlygame


Bartz, the axe knight from TRS , Barst, Johalva, Orsin and Marty exist.

oh no

Kaga saw the light on #AxeFaith later on in his career, yes.

Don’t you mean Follow Up Critical Coefficient?


I’m a bit dissapointed that it’s not a traditional FE game, but I’m excited to play this nonetheless.
Kaga be praised.

Like just for the “CazulSlayer” spear

Praise Kaga

Had fun recording this for FEE3 - had a few laughs. Definitely a different experience.

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Glad you enjoyed it! Looking foward to the recordings to hear your opinions and comentary.

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I dont know if that is possible, but it would be amazing if kagas hits would rely on 1rn and the enemies on 2rn for historical accuracy.

What historical accuracy?

That the series started using 2RN the moment kaga was not part of the devteam anymore.

I’m pretty sure Kaga wouldn’t have minded 2rn

Bring on the memes, don’t let them be dreams

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