JC's Splicing Thread

Well not my first one, but this is the first one with frames. I’m not sure if it’s insertable currently, since Mac can’t fun FEbuilder on wine, but the colors should be compatible.
First Splice
closer look

Any tips are welcome I want to try to get better at Eye frames. O-o


Oh yeah F2U F2E

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I would recommend posting in fire emblem repo where if anything is wrong other can edit it for you and also be easier to find unless you have done that already
Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

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Alright, thank you!

Ah for a first splice (with frames) it’s very well put together, and I like the colour scheme a lot. One easy fix I’d make is to make sure the outline is all the way around the mini-portrait, that will make it much cleaner. As for eye frames, you could always snag the closing eye frames from the character you took the eyes from. As for just spriting it raw, use more of the lighter skin shades instead of the darker ones at least around the middle of the eye lid. Also the black “eye lashes” on the closed right eye are on the top of the eye instead of the bottom.


It’s overall clean for a first splice. There are some things you should look out for, especially when splicing;

  1. Its not as noticeable because of your colour palette choices but you need to remember to use your outline colour to outline your sprite;

  2. Again this isn’t as noticeable because you went with a dark hair colour, but you should also use skin tones to touch up where you have spliced the hair as hair usually has some skin shading against it;
    Look at Eirika’s hair where it meets the skin for comparison

  3. For linking frames, as per what UncleMikey mentioned, your iris and pupil colours are in odd spots for the closed eye frame;
    To get a better idea of what frames should look like, you can look at official ones, like Eirika’s
    Also just noticed you also you have also removed some of his eyebrow on the slightly closed frame.

Usually also when doing a semi close frame, I basically bring the eyelid line down 1 or 2 pixels and then colour in the skin over the top like so;

Also the best way to get a view to see if it looks alright is to stick it into FE Builder or an animating program and just flick through the frames to see what it looks like in action


No, how is this good advice? Submitting to the repo doesn’t invite feedback. This isn’t even about my weird grudge. If they want feedback then the fastest avenue is to join the discord and post to the spritans channel.

I said other will edit whats wrong but ya that is better

Thanks for the Tips!

Thank you for the Tips!

I’ve made a more updated version of this mug to try to fix a few things

Let me know what you think!!


I’m just gonna use this thread to post updates on splices I’m making. Most of this stuff is most likely gonna be F2U, F2E, but I’ll let you guys know if something isn’t. I may not be posting regularly on here, so there’s that. Any Tips or Critics are Welcome and wanted!!

(Just don’t be rude, of course.)

This is something I have WIP btw


@JCXD7L I took the liberty of merging your new thread into your existing sprite topic, cheers.


thank you!!

Amateur splicer here; this looks pretty dang good for a first splice (accounting for the updates, of course) :sparkling_heart: One big tip I would give is that this could use more natural skin tones since this boy here almost looks like a clay doll (no offense); good choices would be either a mug with a hue more similar to your pfp since they look related (e.g., Project Ember Garret as seen in the Spritans Pin Dump) or @/Blade’s skin tone collection :two_hearts: Besides that, I wish you luck on your journey :heart_decoration:

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I haven’t Updated in a bit… and im working on the same mug for awhile…(also I forgot lol). but it should be done at some point within this month. No promises though.



Update: So It’s Not Gonna be done by this month, however, I am Closer to finishing it! I am close to done with mouth frames so theres that!
I mainly have been unmotivated, but I’ve recently have gotten a boost of motivation!

I put the replaced the not worked on frames with the :I


It’s also late so im tired O-o

Here ya go guys its here!

Im pretty sure it turned out well

close up

Just the portrait

Let me know what you guys think!


She looks pretty nice, though I feel like she’s too short. I’m unsure if that’s her intended height or a consequence of using Sophia’s robes specifically, but it’s something of note. There’s also the fact that her eyes are just the border color with no extra colors for detail (perhaps the blue from the robes could work) and that her robes look to be just a flat color (if there are darker colors there indicating folds, then they look indistinguishable to me).

Other than that, it looks pretty good otherwise for your second splice, and I wish you continued growth from here :sparkling_heart: