It is time...., Who is the best Avatar Character in fire emblem?

  • Mark (Fe7)
  • Kris (Fe12)
  • Robins (Awakening)
  • Corrins (Fates)
  • Byleths (Three Houses)
  • Shezs (Three Hopes)

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Also feel free to start a war in the replies…


Robin for far
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Damn bruh no one likes Byleth




Was an amazing character tbh

Yeah female Kamui/corrin but i will always prefer Robin in both female and male

i have no idea if this is in an ironic way or not

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Not ironic

Was for real an amazing character

The best avatar is Xurkitree and I will hear no opposing opinions.


Kris the og (real)


Any avatar who doesn’t bend the story towards them is the best avatar.

Kris and Mark are the best.


Good ol’ cheese from Thropes has actually been pretty enjoyable so far.
They also make more sense in interactions than Byleth since they’re actually classmates with the students and not their teacher.


I agree, Shez has a real personality and one that makes sense given his background, I almost don’t even think we should be able to name the kid. The only reason why people would dislike him from the around 10 hours I’ve played of Three Hopes so far is that they just don’t like the type of character he is.

Corrin has more votes then Kris Shez and Byleth. What gives?

Mark is the worst avatar by virtue of them literally not doing anything, they both somehow achieve little with being a self-insert and achieve nothing on the gameplay side. Mark is only looked at as good because some people don’t like the concept of avatars, and that’s ot the question, the question is who’s the best.

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Look my boy. I thought everyone gonna choose Robin but i see that’s not the case so I’m gonna explain why I choose him

The previous avatars of Robin are Mark and Chris whose were very attractive to me tbh. Neither was a lord so that keeps the concept that the lord it’s the main character of any Fire Emblem. Neither of them are a big influence to the story or Gameplay since Mark does nothing at gameplay and Chris has access to any class depending of the gender but it’s only an extra unit that you need to care about without too much story behind. Same case of Mark. So they were cool but not than cool.

Also Fire Emblem Blazing Sword was the first fire emblem officially seen outside japan.
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon was released outside japan to let the people meet the first and legendary fire emblem lord but that game didn’t sell well so they decide to not release new mystery of the emblem outside japan so we didn’t officially met Mark.

Now the story changes with Awakening. Everybody knows that Awakening was the game that saved the franchise from the death. And it is for far the best fire emblem to me. I prefer the visual aspects , sounds and the epic aura of echoes but Awakening has the major hype of gameplay and story without exaggerating any aspect ( not like Fates / if does to me )

Awakening has all the good aspects of previous fe games and it bring us a new avatar but way better that the others.

Robin isn’t the main lord character, they are chrom and lucina whose represents the previous lords focusing on Marth, so it keeps the fact that the avatar it’s a character that supports the lord, fact that i love.
It is a playable unit like Chris but has an unique class never seen before that represents Mark, that class is Strategist. A class that has both magics and swords in a franchise where we usually seen magic units or melee units. Robin can also change into almost any class without counting beast and dragon transformist just like mark.
It has custom movies were we can watch what Robin see in first person like we did with Mark but animated. Also you can fall in love with characters depending on your gender and have a child or two if your robin it’s male. That mechanic was seen in FE4 for japaneses but never officially seen by the rest of the world. And the conversations that makes close the relationships are very deep and they complete catch your attention. The S support conversation picture it’s one of the most impact moments in all the game, even more when you read the conversations with your childs.
Robin also has a deep and a bit dark story behind and once you full discover it it’s another very hype moment.
In gameplay it is one of the best unit you will have in the whole game and it is helpful in all the cases using both magics and swords and his abilities, it can reach the maximum at all the stats very well and that gives you the feel that it is important , not like Mark or Chris who never did something remarkable.

Robin marked the best example to follow as fire emblem avatar to the next games of the franchise.
Corrin/ Kamus it’s a better avatar than Mark of Chris as playable unit but it is also the lord and all the story goes around him/her. Also it is almost a copy of Robin in many aspects with the plus of it is also a manakete. Corrin it’s just the exaggerated way of a fe character being Lord Avatar and Manakete at the same time. And the story behind it isn’t what i expected.
I didn’t played 3H but from what I have seen the avatar it’s another one who tried to follow the Robin sketch as Avatar.
Robin it’s that , the perfect expression of Fire Emblem Avatar without exaggerating any aspect. It’s balanced in gameplay and story. It isn’t the main character but it’s very relevant.

That’s my opinion why Robin it’s the best Avatar to me. I hope you like it and thanks for reading. Greetings Lukirioh


Shez barely even counts as an avatar, since they’ll say their thoughts and opinions without player input and actually speak

which is exactly why they’re the best avatar


where is the “None” option


the only “avatar” qualities they really have is being namable and getting to choose his dialogue options (which are actually different responses unlike another Switch avatar who shall not be named)

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