Is there any fe7 hack with playable limistella

I know there is a boss recruitment hack but thats not what i want i just want a playable limistella i think he/she (limistella is considered genderless idk what to call her tho she has a female class animation) has more stats cap than a regular sagewhich will make her unique maybe adding dark spell rank too just because why not. And i just think with her (lets call limistella her) presonality which never showed any sign she is evil just following order making her playable and with maybe all new supports with some lord i think elwood and lyn, nino and jeffar but not hector(since hector is not the type to forgive his enemy) mathew (may be) is appropirate. Limistella replacing erk but join in late may be ideal since due to pent god not many use him. I also think limistella should have her own story to why she betray and how she end up joining. I always thought ninian was not done justice since she was neither shown in fe6 as roys mom and she was killed and unuseable even after an A rank support binding blade had many ending why fe7 was made with only 2. So maybe adding a dragon ninian too and change the story a bit would be fun and also a great hack. I would have tried to make it myself but i dont have a pc suck to be me. But thats my personal opinion. What do you guys think?


In the work fe7if, limistella is the player unit.
In this piece, the positions of jeffar and limistella are reversed.

Fe7 boss recruitment allows you to recruit her

Literally in the first sentence, dude.

apologies i cannot read

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I too think Limstella’s a great character that could benefit from some more spotlight, though I think that about a lot of characters from the GBA games lol

Just a heads-up, traditionally individuals that identify as neither Male nor Female use “They/Them” pronouns. Of course this is obviously up to the individual, but generally not assuming a gender is preferred. And based on the FE wiki page, it appears they/them is the way to go.


Proof some mage’s excel cause of talent alone and not literacy

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Per their description in Fire Emblem: Heroes:

A constructed being known as a morph, created with ancient magics. They serve Nergal with absolute loyalty. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.


Yes lol

I don’t think IS actually put much effort into making it a proper LGBT representation.


You’re probably right, but just like Quina from FFIX, I’ll take what I can get lol.

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