Is there a hack that gives skills in FE6? If not, is it a good idea to add skills to FE6?


Hello, I am relatively new to the hacking scene and I always wanted to add personal skills and class skills to FE6; along side branching promotions, improved hit rates, and better bases to existing characters. And I was wondering if that would be an amazing idea or a bad one based on the community’s response. But if there is already an existing hack for it, where can I find it?

Per my understanding, there is not, as the engine doesn’t support SkillSys…that being said there are attempts to “port” FE6 into FE8 to use the engine.

There’s this proof of concept implementation by @Mokha:

MoD also had skills for a while (I think), but it’s not yet open source (to my knowledge), and even if it were be it probably would be very specifically tailored for MoD (and thus not directly suitable for general use).

Note that if you want to do anything technical with fe6 you probably will have to get your hands dirty. fe6 is well documented (in my extremely biased opinion) but people haven’t really gotten to do the work necessary to make it nearly as accessible as fe8 for casual hacking (understandably).

“Is it a good idea” depends if it’s coherent with the other decisions you make and the experience you want to provide. (generic response)

Do you know the names or have any links of these ports? Or are they just unfinished projects?

I will probs do the easier but longer way of porting an FE6 game to FE8 if that’s pretty much the case.

Why not use FE8 then? It can have everything you want.