[FE6] [C/EA] SkillSystem for FE6: Binding Blade

FE6 SkillSystem Source Code at Here

It is @MisakaMikoto that remind me working on FE6 may result in a more freely space control operation.

Based on FE6-Decomp and FE6-Wizardry work by genius @StanH , and refer to construction on FE8U-SkillSystem and SkillLite, I made this FE6 SkillSystem-proto.

Structure of current work are as below, a lot of works, such as weapon range getter, unit con/mov getter, expanded modular save, popup rework, item effect rework, BWL rework and Skill-RAM-list, etc need to work on, so this is just a proto. It is welcome for you guys to fork this repo and work on your own.

Advantage on FE6:

  1. Only 8MB occupied by Vanilla and result in a more flexible space control.

  2. Succinct system without any check on Nightmare or eggs.

  3. Scalability on system design with lots of free-space on item/unit/class attr and others.

Skill List:

index Name Desc
0x12 Darting Blow AS +6 as attacker
0x13 Death Blow Str +6 as attacker
0x14 Armored Blow Def +6 as attacker
0x15 Fiendish Blow Mag +6 as attacker
0x16 Warding Blow Res +6 as attacker
0x17 Duelist’s Blow Avo +20 as attacker
0x18 Uncanny Blow Hit +30 as attacker
0x20 Vantage attack first when HP<50% as defender
0x21 Desperation double attack immediately if HP<50% as attacker
0x22 Quick Riposte attack double when HP>50% as defender
0x23 Counter Attack can counter regardless of distance
0x24 Wind Sweep Target cannot counter as attacker but cannot double
0x30 Crit Boost crit+15%

Todo List

  • Expanded Modular Save
  • Modular LevelUp & Str/Mag Split
  • Range Getter
  • BWL remove & BWL support

Wish List

  • Free-RAM-Space and FreeSpaceBLRange definition
  • PopUp Rework

For now, These 2 things I have troubling studying on, needing your help.

More information can be gotten on readme of Git.


What skills are currently included? cause this looks incredible!

Skills are listed at readme doc on git

This is amazing. Always loved the skill patch but was sad fe6 was not available.


Though some small feedback:
1- Duelist Blow and weirding blow (Aka certain blow) could return to the Fates equivalents of 30 avoid and 40 hit.
2- Crit +15 replaces the Swordmaster and berserker crit boost? Because in fe6 it’s +30 not +15.

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You could just edit these yourself. The code is right there on the github, and the point of the skillsystem is to be modular in that regard.


This is great.
Thank you for publishing it.
By the way, do you use EA to use this?
I’m not very good at English, and the EA gave me an error.
If you don’t mind, could you tell me how to use it?

You can refer to readme file on git. or for simple:

  1. Put EA renamed “EventAssembler” in /Tools/
  2. Put lyn.exe in $DEVKITARM (the path you install DevkitPro), since it is the path “LYN” defined in MakeFile;
  3. If all of above have been done, open Msys2 or WSL in SkillSystem folder and sh MakeHack.sh

This is for Win10, since I’m not a MAC user so I have no idea how make it on linux.

Thank you so much for letting me know.
I’ll give it a try.

Just as @ knabepicer said, you can edit the function in BattleSystem/PreBattleCalc for your own ideas.

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added SkillList and WishList
Acturally I have no idea how to define Free-RAM-Space.

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Now THIS is something I’m really looking forward for. FE6 is one of those games I have since forever wanted to experience with a skill system. Now that there is a chance a skill system is currently on development for this game, I am hyped haha.

I will follow this thread closely!