Information on the RAM area that the patch uses independently

In order to avoid an accident that the work memory of the RAM collides,
When creating work memory in RAM, if you create your own patch, please write the area used here.
Or, if you know the patch that uses work memory on RAM independently and still have no information, please write it.

Write the version and the range of the area to be used.


Name:FE8-Battle Transform
Area:0x203AABE - 0x203AABF(2bytes)

Name:Status 31 limit break_save

Name: Battle Buffer expansion (Skill System)
ver: FE8U
Area: 0x203AAC0-0x203ABB7 (0xF8 bytes)

Name: Debuff glitch fix(Skill system)
ver: FE8U
Area: 0x203ED40-0x203EF00(Where debuffs for the skill system begin)

Name:Unit Select Sfx 7743 Extended.
I use 16 bytes.

ver: FE6
Area: 0x203AB00-0x203AB0F (16 bytes)

Area: 0x203AB00-0x203AB0F (16 bytes)

Area:0x203AB00-0x203AB0F (16 bytes)

Area: 0x203AFF0-0x203AFFF (16 bytes)

Area: 0x203B1F0-0x203B1FF (16 bytes)

Name: Gaiden Style Magic Menu
ver: FE8U
Area: 0x0203F080-0x0203F084 (4 bytes)

ver:FE8U DebuffTable
Area: 0x0203f100-0x0203f9FF

This area seems to be used as SkillSystems’ DebuffTable.

#ifndef DebuffTable
  #define DebuffTable     0x0203F100
  #define DebuffTableSize 0x00000900

Name: ipatix’ High Quality Sound Mixer, ported to FE8U by circles (included in Skill System)
ver: FE8U
Area: 0x3006CB0-0x300788F (0xBE0 bytes) (getting somewhat dangerously close to the stack)

Name: Hp bars with cached warning, by circles and Tequila (included in Skill System)
ver: FE8U
Area: 0x203AE00-0x0203AEC7 (0xC8 bytes)
Note: uses 2 then has a byte array indexed by unit id, 0xC5 being the last valid unit id it makes the total size 2+0xC6 = 0xC8.

Name: IconRework (or CIconDisplay) (included in Skill System)
ver: FE8U
Area: 0x2026A90-0x2026AAF (0x40 bytes)
Note: Frees up 0x2026AD0-0x02026E2F (0x360 bytes)

I’ve also been documenting what RAM areas are unused by vanilla FE8U (or freed up by some hack), so if anybody needs some they could check there.


AutoNewline - 0x2026E30
Amount of space used is variable, since it copies textIDs there for processing. Location can be changed in installer.event

ArenaLimits - 0x203AAC0
Amount of space used is also variable, since it copies user defined text strings there (but only a couple sentences, so far less than AutoNewline). Location can also be changed in installer.event

Both hacks found here: Zeta's ASM/C Spellbook

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A better solution is to allocate and manage free space in RAM automatically as in ROM.

Name: FE8-FogDR
ver: FE8U
Area: 0x0300 0006 (1 byte) and enemy Unit Struct 0x32 second-msb.

FogDR uses 0x0300 0006 and the seventh lsb (0X000000) from byte 0x32 of enemy unit character structs (supports).