I need help creating a FE8 hack! (on a Mac)

Hello there!

My name is Joey and I’m currently trying to create an FE8 ROM hack.

I’m having trouble downloading FE_Builder and my laptop does not have WinZip installed. I use a Macbook Pro that is currently OS Catalina version 10.15.4.

In the past, I was able to use Wine to open these files, but the current Wine cannot work with 10.15.4

If you have any advice on how to ROM-hack on a mac I would really appreciate it!

  • Joey
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I hack on Mac Catalina, and here is my project.
Find alternatives to tools only for Windows including FEBuilderGBA, and here is an example.

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I’m also on Mac Catalina, and I use a VM to run FEBuilder.

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Hey @thermalsword, how did you wind up solving this? I’m pretty new to ROM Hacks so wanted to see if you wound up using alternative to FEBuilder or if you went through creating your own VM. Thanks!

Hey there @ArenaSpammer !

I use Bootcamp (a PC VM) to transform my MacBook to a PC.

I use a software called GIMP (the logo is like a raccoon with a paintbrush in its mouth lol) to edit character palettes and cut/copy/paste armor and stuff! (I use this on a Mac and email the finished work to my PC side!)

FEBuilder worked just fine for me when I used this method!

I use a software called Multipatch! (The logo is literally a roll of toilet paper) to patch fanmade content onto existing ROMs! This may help you with the rom hacking process!

I hope this helps! Let me know in this thread if you have any questions!

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Thanks a ton for the quick reply and the tips, really excited to get started!!!

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