I make things... sometimes

I tend to make mugs sometimes when I have the time for it. These are nothing great, perhaps they don’t even make sense and need lots of work… but they are of my creation and I like them. I probably will be using them in my project(s). These and anything else I might upload in later times are free to use in other projects, just credit Neimar and of course, Nintendo. I also am open to feedback, good or bad. I want to improve with mug making, perhaps to the point of making them from scratch, like so many of you here do.

The Vaida one I will turn into an ebony warrior for my project, so I may add her new looks sometime later. I had already changed her using Usenti, but when I saved it the pic got screwed up. I’ll add any other additions here to this first post.

JafArmor Vaidic Vaidic1 Neimar Lord Neimi%20Soldier

New Vaida reworked: Janice


Always remember that GBA mugs only uses 16 colors, so might as well watch the color count!

Solid splices, btw.

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True. Problem was that when I saved in Usenti, it gave me three options to save and I just rushed it and picked whatever. Mug got screwed, lol, but I always copy them before attempting anything so as not to lose it all from a minor mistake.

Thanks, though. They are not that solid, not that good. I wanted to see how Jaffar would look in Brendan’s body. And Vaida, well I like multicolor haired characters like Heath, so I decided to give Vaida, Heath’s ex-commander, a cool do, as if also suggesting where Heath got the idea of having multicolor hair.

keep it up, liking the creativity


I’ll for sure keep it up, Xenith, when I have time, that is. I won’t be updating often, but I probably will whenever I have something to show. For now, this Neimi was made for my avatar. Simple, but I will work on it some more later on. I’ll add her with blinking and talking frames sometime.


Since I don’t like double posting, I will just edit this post and the first. I actually got my Neimi avatar done for now. I worked on the armor a bit and made it look like it has suffered through battle. I know it looks stupid, but I like it. Now, just the talking and blinking frames so it can be usable. And as bonus, I made this other Neimi dancer style.
Neimi%20Mug Neimar


I don’t like to double post, but I guess in this thread that’s ok.

Today I got to working on a mug for a possible main lord for my project. Here is the result:

Marisa’s neck is weird to work with since she’s like leaning a bit. It didn’t quite fit with Syrene’s armor, so I did some fixes to make it look better. I dunno, but I like the way she looks, despite the flaws you will find around her neck area, and some on the armor.

Forgot to add Neimi with frames.


I think using mini portraits for the Unit Window is a lot better then chibis, but chibis seem more famous here, I’m surprised you use minis.


Hey man could you help me with a project of mine??

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Chibis are alright, but I like the mini portraits better. I don’t know who did it first, but I saw a hack with portraits instead of chibis, and from there I decided to use that style. Besides, I don’t like making the chibis if I ever have to.

I don’t know how I could help you with your project, I’m not that good at modding. If you need the mugs here, use them.


hahaha don’t worry precisely my project is not a modding project but a remake project with it’s own engine, but I’m needing help with the remaking of the portraits and mugs, and you are very talented.

I’m far, quite far from talented in terms of spriting. I do these for fun when I have time, and also when I need them. What engine do you mean?

Lex Talionis by rainlash. We could say it’s still a beta engine but works pretty well right now… You are enough talented for what I need that is to remake the characters’ portraits from the snes originals (you can “re-adjust” the original format to the gba one, re-draw them or even do an hibrid of these two, kind of remaster them).

For map sprites and battle animations right now I have noone but myself, but doesn’t matter, i’ll deal with that once portraits are done.

@Johns You can take your time in doing it, all we all are going to get is credits and fun and experience at doing this kind of stuff, nothing more than that, no money on it… Maybe one day, if things go the way I want them to…

I see. I haven’t used that engine. Wish I could help you but truth is that I don’t have the time for some thing like to that, to do what you asked. For starters, I’m not good at splicing, those mugs I posted still need work. In fact, for my own project, I’ll be using mostly free to use mugs, because I don’t have time to make all my characters custom. Then, I’ll be very busy working on my own project when I do have time. But I wish you the best with your project.

ok thanks anyway and good luck with your project

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Thank you.

I decided to work on this while watching ESPN. Another variation of my Neimi collection. I have four colors I can add to it, and I will probably change the robe color later in time, and her eyes or hair.


I made this new Neimi. I really like how she turned out. She could use some more work on the hair, maybe. I think she will be the main character in my project, that is, if I can manage to make frames for eyes and mouth work. I might dish the whole tattoo she’s got, but I also like it.



This is still a work in progress. I went shorter still with the hair and loved this Neimi better than my previous one. Still gonna work on it.

Here she is with colored hair and working frames.


My newest splice. Kent, Lucius and Nino. Knight1

Black color: Knight2

All add frames and mini later.


This really feels like an improvement from your previous splices! The face and hair are a lot less instantly recognizable, and it really feels like someone who could be their own character, rather than “Neimi but in a different outfit”.


I really like the color scheme of the 2nd one! It just fits

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