I have an idea, would you like me to start this project?

Today I had the idea of telling the story of Loog(from fire emblem three houses) as an FE8 hack.
It’d be a huge project as if I end making this I want it to be good, not just a 5 minutes hack or a reskin. I’d even need a team, so… What do you think?

  • -Yes, do it.
  • -No, we don’t need a FE16 spin off.
  • -Just No
  • -Yes, I may even help you.
  • -Yes but only if it’s as good as the “classic” hacks.

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If you are inspired and want to do it, then you should do it. Like you call out in your post, any hack is a massive undertaking, so you should do what you think would be enjoyable.

The fun in hacking is being able to pursue your passions in narrative and storytelling.

Enjoy and be safe.


Yeah, It’s just to know Joe the comunity would recibe It, because if U make this I want to hace the support of a team

My experience is that once you start building something and you show that you’re both dedicated to the project and fun to work with, that you will get help from the community and be able to build a team.

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Good point, anyways, the poll has already started so I want to know the result. But I may start writing the plot

Few are willing to put work into an unproven project. Nevertheless, good luck, and I hope you gather a team.

This is just to see the first recepción of the comunity.

If I finally decide to do this I would hace done something yo show before

There are many f2u assets, but generally only one person actually edits the rom.

There is a community blitz going on. We’re on day 5 / 14. You could try and make a chapter for that this weekend if you are familiar with buildfiles and want to see what group projects are like.

Good luck with things.


I may try with the blitz, as I’ve said before, this is just to see the reception that this idea gets, I’m not even searching members. Anyways, thanks for the advice, I’ll have it in account

Yes, but make it short (like 5-8 chapters). Do not try to make as giant hack as simply you’ll never finish it.


Maybe break it in various parts, as before/post timeskip in FE3H, or various arcs…

I have closed the poll and finally decided to start writing a draft of the plot. When I hace finished that I may create a topic and ask for a team…

Thanks you ti everyone Who has voted.

Also I can say that It Will be called “Fire Emblem: Eagles & Lions”

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