How were you introduced to Fire Emblem?

My mother had an SNES growing up. So she played A LOT of games. When Amazon became Amazon, she started to look for a new series and stumbled upon Fire Emblem 3: Mystery of the Emblem. She loved the game even though it was in Japanese ONLY!!! She could translate Japanese as well as she spoke English. When i was 8, my mother asked me if I wanted to play a game. “Sure thing”, I said. On December 8th,2010. I played FE for the first time. I quickly fell in love with the game. We played the SNES/Sup. Famicom trilogy. My first playing by myself was Echoes and my love for the series was renewed.

Ambassador program gave me Sacred Stones

Took me five years before I finally played the game and appreciated it lol

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My teacher was selling his son’s old Gameboy advance when I was around fifth grade and my mom bought it for me, and the Blazing Sword was one of the games that came with it and I loved the game as soon as I started playing it.

Super Smash Bros Melee ! I wanted to know where Roy and Marth were from and so I played Fire Emblem 7 and I just fell in love with the serie.

I burned my school’s emblem

someone made a fire emblem joke

I went to see what fire emblem was later on



My mom actually got the game early on in my life (like right when it released in the US), and played through FE7 and FE8 a few times. FE8 was the first I really played, then Fe7 a bit. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan until Shadow Dragon dropped. I fell in love with some of the mechanics it had FE7&8 didn’t (Namely the generics if you’re bad and forging), and played through the GBA games, including Binding Blade on some website because I no longer have physicals for the game. Eventually I found Rom Hacks and played them, and became a member of the community

I liked Ike.

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Friends made me play FE8 on emulator ~7 years ago. Awakening happened. Then I played everything else. No idea how those friends got into FE, that’s probably a more interesting story than mine.

I played Heroes. Then Echoes. Then Awakening. Then I stopped heroes. Then I decided to play all the rest. Every single one

Found Fire Emblem 4 Genealogy of the Holy war with a crappy messed up translation on a PS2 Snes Station disc(yes, an emulator for SNES that ran in a ps2, as crazy as it sounds) In my first play only Sigurd and Arden survived the prologue lmao. later on I played Smash Bros Brawl and found, oh hey, that’s “Ziglud”(marth) and “Celice”(Ike) so I played the other games of the series.

I love this story so much. Arden is the best

Dad and Arden survived!!! Arden survived!!! Fin DIED!!!

oof…you’ve come a long way, have you?

I love Genealogy’s First Gen, minus"Arvis, you bastard"

Isn’t this the third time someone’s had to tell you to edit your posts instead of triple posting?

Arden only survived because I left him in the castle LMAO

I too love Genealogy of the Holy War as well.

YangKai Marry me then if you love Genealogy. Wait I don’t know your gender.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl , when I saw Marth, Ike, and played as them, and the stickers of Fire Emblem characters I had to find out more about the series so I got a GBA emulator and played FE7.

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My neighbour (also friend in middle school) has a gba with only have 1 game name “sword of mana” or something similar. He invited me to play but i didn’t like that game much. Then another friend of mine gave me a copy of fe7 rom as birthday gift but i didn’t have gba yet, so I borrowed my neighbour’s. Having fun since then. (yeah i know it sounds boring)