How were you introduced to Fire Emblem?


If he gave you a Rom of FE7, why did you need a Gameboy Advance to play it
And personally, if a friend gave me a 16 mb file for my birthday, especially one you can download off the internet, I’d be kinda upset. Like yeah it may have been your favorite game as a kid, and it’s sentimental value as a game, but get a physical copy so I don’t feel like you just hit up emuparadise on your phone on the way over

You meant to say Physical copy lmao


Yeah i mean that. Sorry for my stupid English-speaking, i am an asian.
Btw my country is kinda poor in that times so not everyone have a gba or physical copy…
I know, 3rd world countries suck


I played Brawl. Thought Ike was cool so I picked him up. Then I saw an FE7 playthrough on Youtube. I immediately fell in love with the game because I like turn based strategy. I have played every FE game except genealogy (which I’m going to play soon). To this day, I main Ike in both Brawl and Smash 4, and will continue to in Smash 5.