How to translate a hack

how do you guys translate a foreign hack in febuilder? Everytime i try to it gets me an unrecognized font error. Does it need to patch or something?

FEBuilderGBA translations only take into account JP and EN translations.
FE8U can be translated into more languages using a patch that displays Unicode.
However, fonts would be a tricky issue.

If you are based on FE8J, you cannot display Unicode, so if you want to display non-ASCII, you have to use tbl and map each language on top of ShiftJIS.

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I already made a tutorial on how to translate Japanese Hacks with FeBuilder, go check it out.

Translating Japanese Hacks using FeBuilder (Guide) - Tutorials - Fire Emblem Universe (

Although… if you wanna translate other eastern hacks like chinese/korean ones… FeBuilder just not gonna cut it (learned the hard way).