How to implement new(ish) staves?

I’m working on a patch for FE7 and would like to add two new staves to the game. Specifically, a recreation of Entrap from Fates/SoV and a Banish staff that does the reverse, teleporting an enemy away. My base idea for how to implement them would be to copy the Rescue and Warp staff effects, except targeting enemies rather than allies. Looking through FEBuilder, I can’t find any obvious way to change targeting of effects. Is this at all doable through it or another tool/method?

If you wish to change the behavior of the game in this way, you have to change the code. This kind of thing requires ASM.
Check this guide out if you’d like to learn:

check this out for the basics of how to set up items & staves
if you’re making new staff effects then you’ll need to learn how to write ASM

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