How to find animation efficiently in Github repo

It doesn’t worth a tutorial but it may help some people.

  1. Install a browser extension for online view or a markdown editor for local view

  2. Open this file

  3. Ctrl + F


For Google Chrome:


Wait, did people really not know you could CTRL+F words to find them in the github repo?

Edit: OH, you’re using a special Markdown Viewer. That’s actually quite clever. Github itself only displays the first 500,000 characters of that file which is super frustrating. (The file is currently 1,153,000 characters long)

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cool tutorial, any tips for viewing item icons, spell animations and such on the repo? I know most people download folders immediately but is there a way to see the icons online immediately?

In order to do that, the repo’s maintainer needs to make markdown files like the animations first.

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