How to create a TitleSet & Map Chip Config from scratch

I was creating an Advance Wars-style titleset for Fire Emblem. Doing something the Advance Wars community would be jealous of :v.

But I ran into a lot of problems when creating a TitleSet. Thanks to Vesly, I was able to do good progress with the help of his tutorial, but after sometime the titleset got big proportions and the method Vesly’s uses got unreliable. (since the image got too big to fit in the GBA limitations)

Could someone with experience teach me how to make a titleset/map chip config from scratch?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you follow my reply?

Instead of using a tileset like this:

We process it first like this:

I think that if you run out of space even then, you’ll have to painstakingly do the rest manually in an image editing program

The 256x256 mapobject image is the limit, so you might save some space by rotating tiles in the mapchip config data. You can do this part in febuilder.

There is no guide to doing this afaik. Try asking in #cartography when you get stuck on something specific.

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Wait, I did these steps, but I can’t figure out how to make something like these.

Like, they are full of content. And I can’t understand how the object image become the titleset it self, if you try to create a titleset based on the object, it become massive blanck spaced in the borders and all that space can be filled but I can’t understand how to change those things…

My brain is almost melting. Also, there is the 16 colors and 10 colors limits you said. But what are they?

I’m hitting my limitations hard here… I’m not sure if I’m breaking the color limits too much or with the titleset is actually bigger than it should.

Is there any video you could recomend me or something like this? I have no experience at all with this sort of things so I’m probably doing something wrong…

I’m sorry if I couldn’t explain the problem properly… I don’t know how to explain it…

Please attach the images you made by following each step in my guide so that I can help.


-1- TitleSet Tool

So I used the link to change the raw image to a proper titleset and I got this result.

-2- Color Reduction Step

Then I used the ‘‘Decrease Color Tool’’ and this is the result.

*The image lost some color but this isn’t a problem.

-3- Importing to FEGBABuilder

When I try to import the image, the problem begins:


*In order to fix these errors I changed the size of the image from 512x512 to 256x256.
The image know can be inserted and this is the result.

But now I face the problem I tried to explain, there is a lot of unused spaces both in the titleset and in the object.

it’s too big to fit into the 256x256 automatically.

cut off over half of it

now febuilder accepts it

but as you can see, the tiles in the object img in the middle are almost all filled up. This means that it is nearly full. Nothing I can do about that, sorry.

I think instead of having the repalettes of each faction be in multiple tiles, you should just have one and colour reduce it to 1 or 2 palettes.

Then each palette can be for a faction. But you’ll have to manually do that palette editing

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Hmmmmmmmm. Vesly, it makes sense… I didn’t think about this before… But there is a question I still didn’t get it.
It’s about these dark spaces. Is there any way of cutting them or filling them with other titles?


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How is going? It’s already some days I’m working on the titleset and I got very good results. I’m pinging you because I would like to ask.
Is there any way of expanding these pallete in red?
I noticed the 8x8 titles have palletes that go from 0 to 8 if I’m right. But what about these?

I think 5 palettes are used for the map and another 5 are used for fog of war. I don’t think you can have more than 5, sorry.

You could try asking in #cartography about any tileset questions you might have. I only wrote a guide on importing images as maps - not on creating tilesets. It isn’t an area that I am knowledgable on, so I think you should seek an expert’s guidance.

Good luck with it!

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I may have found a solution :vvvvvvvvvv.
Don’t mind the weird colors the buildings have, I will change them.

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