How to break the normal HP cap

strangely enough I’m 90% sure these are just from one of alex’s docs but i’ll deal with him yelling at me later

changing the bytes in these locations(at default they are 3C which is 60 in hexadecimal) will change the max HP for PCs and NPCs(FE7)
the number can’t go over I think 127 which is 7F in hex

changing the bytes in these locations(at default they are 3C which is 60 in hexadecimal) will change the max HP for PCs and NPCs(FE8)
the number can’t go over I think 127 which is 7F in hex

blah ble blah blah etc

okay apparently there’s a hardcoded HP cap of 64 floating around in the game’s memory so…
cam go do something about that

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Someone named Lodestar over on FEShrine reverse-engineered some FE7if shenanigans trying to fix this too.

Credit to FE7if for this.

Pretty much I was curious on why the life resets when we change it but the people in FE7if somehow made it work without resetting. So… I went to FE7if’s code and went to these three locations:


I found it was quite different from the usual FE7’s code and copy and pasted it into a normal FE7 rom. Changed Lyn’s life to over 60 and tested it. It worked! Making sure I reset the game and found that Lyn’s life stayed the same at 120. I tested it on an NPC and it worked the same!

So… here’s how you do it.

At 017c7c Ctrl B this, 05 DD 06 E0 00 D0 DD 08 49 79

On 029996 Ctrl B this, 01 68 08 20 8A 78 10 43 88 70

Finally at 0299ac Ctrl B this, FF F7 12 FF 20 1C FF F7 AF FE 20 1C 29 1C FF F7 47 FF 13 20 20 56

With this it all should work and all your units can have over 60 life. Unfortunately this will make the cap 120, not whatever you want.

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HP Cap

0x080181EE - Change to 1C11 (11 1C) to allow HP over 60 during transitions of unit data

0x0802BF4C - Byte of max HP allowed during level ups (changing doesn’t work?)

Ctrl + G the Yellow part in HxD then Past the offset >>Follow the instruction.

In FEditor Adv > doc > Game Documentation > 8 - Sacred Stones > Stats > Cap Editing.txt

I did exactly what this tells you to do. Setting the Byte of HP max at 50 ( 80 in Hex ) Then Modified the angelic robe’s bonus up to 50 HP

I used it in game and it works perfectly. Kept playing few chapter and everything still works.[/quote]

This is confirmed to work in FE8. Credit goes to Solum.


I’ve been playing with this and found there are a few issues on the FE7 end regarding the Luck and Resistance growth in that they won’t trigger regarding Lodestar’s method.

This is with a 200% growth in each area

Huh, interesting; I feel like I ran into the same issue myself but I never bothered to check

also hnnnng ashe don’t look at me like that, i liked using you too times have changed ;(

However the top method works fine and won’t alter the other growth rates.

I’m pretty sure my method only works until you save the game and don’t ever restart the chapter iirc

Maybe I can check what routines are actually altered by Lodestar’s thing. Does anyone actually know what he changed.

I don’t think so, he just looked at the locations that alex found in FE7if’s rom to and copied them over to an english fe7 rom.

so the 3 locations specified in the first post then I guess

Also, this should be 127, which is 0x7F.

128 is interpreted as -1. And you don’t want -1 HP.

Edit: Checked your 3 locations… they seem all right and like they would affect luk and res…?

idk it might have to do with the things that lodestar posted into the locations?

I don’t know myself

also yeah it should be 127, i think I meant “the number can’t be 128 or higher”, but who knows, that was around 2 years ago

Ported the FE8 solution over to FE7:

at 17c82 write
e2 7a 10 40 00 00

change 29996 to 7f